Oh, Monday Me! Lotus

This afternoon author Lynda McKinney Lambert has a beautiful poem to share.
Once you’ve read and enjoyed, please make sure to check out Lynda’s works.
She has some great books art and other wondrous things to share.
Oh yes, please if you would, please share.

Gifts of the Spirit

SCAN – a Blog

Oh! Monday Me!

Listening to the Lotus Flower

I  saw a magnificent photograph of a Lotus blossom.

I was searching to find where I could buy such a plant for my garden.

The unguarded, wide-open petals of the Lotus flower looked majestic and vivacious because she was attired in shades of bluish purple, lavender, sprightly shimmering greens, and perky periwinkle blue colors.


An idea for a poem came to me

I paused to contemplate this snapshot.  I had the strong feeling that I was  actually there, with the Lotus.

I imagined what the Lotus might whisperd to me: 

Slow down!

Close your eyes so that you can see the beauty all around you.

Set your heart towards the sunshine that dwells inside of you.

Listen with your heart for the sounds of the Universe.

Do you hear the music of Eternity?

Together, we can hold the…

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