WHOOPS! Did I Just Do That?

Oh! WOW!
You cannot believe what I did this morning.
Last night I had one half beer left. I did not want it, but it was too much to waste. So, I took an old wine quark and stopped the bottle.
This morning I came into the kitchen with Campbell’s food bowl, sat it onto the counter, was burning up and thirsty like I’ve not been in I do not know when, reached into the frig for a cold drink and pretty as you please, without one thought flittering through my head I unstopped that bottle and killed that half beer.
Lord have mercy! I’d not had coffee or anything. That hit my system like a bomb. LOL!
I stood for a moment getting myself back down to earth, sat the bottle in the recycling box and finished feeding my dog.
Then I decided I had best get some coffee before I made anymore bad mistakes. LOL!

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