Soft Lazy and Fat No More!

I have decided I don’t like what Campbell and I have become.
We have become soft, lazy, and fat.
This, will never do. We will be taking our situation in paw immediately.
When I woke up this morning it dawned on me that Campbell and I used to get out and walk nearly 20 minutes before either of us had so much as a cup or kibble.
When we moved here that ended.
We stopped riding the mass transit too and our walking to the store ended as well.
This cut our walking quite literally in half if not more.
We began to change this, this very afternoon.
When we came back from the store after I had some lunch before getting down to the computer business for the afternoon I decided hot or not we were going for a walk.
Putting Campbell in his harness I declared this the end of soft, lazy fat dogs and humans in this house.
I let him sniff walk his way from our house all the way to the end of our block across from the tennis courts at the park.
Once there, I had him do obedience at the corner we one day hope to have a bus stop on.
Then, I turned us around and taking his harness in my hand I told him “Forward.” And “To the house.”
Other than stopping to have an unauthorized chat with a yard filled with yapping dogs, which I put an end to, Campbell did his usual best work.
Once back in the yard we made a couple laps round the yard and house then back into the cool air conditioner for a good drink of water and rest.
I feel better, and once Campbell settled down and stopped panting so did he. Although, he has not admitted it yet.
I have scheduled our van for Monday morning at 11:30 for the Y and on Tuesday we will go out pay bills and have breakfast at our fave deli.
Wednesday is a holiday, so I suppose we will stay home.
Thursday and Friday who knows what we will get up to. I will most likely have scheduled more trips to the Y by then and we will also need to make a trip back to Campbell’s vet for his thyroid meds and hopefully by then our books will have all sold out and we will have money for more.
For now, here it is another whole week gone and another Friday night has come.
We wish everyone a great night and weekend.
Until next time this is Patty who is having a beer and King Campbell Super Seeing Eye Dog A.K.A Bubba who is taking a nap saying…
May harmony find you and blessid be.

Would you like to have one of mine and Campbell’s books?
Do you live in the Kingsport area?
If so here’s where to go and what to do.
If you do not live in Kingsport and you still want a book there is info for you as well.

If you would like to sponsor us and have us advertise you as we’re advertising the following business, please email:


This month King Campbell A.K.A Bubba’s V*T has graciously sponsored us by providing $150.00 for the purchasing of ten copies each of our books.

We will be selling these books in the sales area of their office.

Campbell has been receiving high-quality care from the staff at Colonial Heights Animal Hospital since fall of 2014. We could not be happier.

King Campbell here.

Let me just say that the V*TS at this Colonial Heights Animal Hospital are most Awesome.

I mean as V*TS go they’re the best.

I’m never afraid, they always take great care of me when I am sick and when I go to get a bath I don’t even dislike it. Well, not too much.

Doggies Kitties and all other critters too, tell your humans to take you here if you live in the Land of the Tri-Cities and if you do please tell them King Campbell and his human Patty L. Fletcher from Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing sent you.

PHONE: (423) 239-5116
At Colonial Heights Animal Hospital, we are committed to owner satisfaction by offering high quality, personalized veterinary care. The goal of the staff of Colonial Heights Animal Hospital is to advance the health of the pet through owner education, preventative care, and a progressive, compassionate approach for both pet and owner.
Colonial Heights Animal Hospital was founded in 1972. We currently have twelve employees. We pride ourselves in striving to promote in-depth diagnostic care for our patients and utilizing the advice of consultants in medicine, opthalmology, radiography and surgery via telephone consultations and telemedicine. We place a great deal of emphasis on client service and education about our pets’ needs. Preventative medicine and dentistry are stressed at our clinic.

Human Patty back to say…

To take a virtual tour and meet the staff see photos make an appointment and much much more please visit:

Drop by their location to pick up one of our two books today!

To see our books and more visit:

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