A Bit of Bubba Tails

Hello campbellsworld visitors.
A couple weeks back I wrote and told you all about Bubba Tails From the Puppy Nursery At The Seeing Eye and why I wrote it.
Today I’d like to share a bit more.
So make sure you read all the way to see a tad bit of our tail/tale.
If you enjoy maybe you’ll visit the buy link and pick up a copy.
Please keep in mind this is a book for young and old alike.

Bubba Tails from the Puppy Nursery at The Seeing Eye Written by Patty L. Fletcher Told by, King Campbell Lee – The Seeing Eye Dog AKA Bubba
Fall 2017
In this magical and love filled tail, King Campbell AKA Bubba travels
to the puppy nursery at The Seeing Eye to help ready a group of
puppies who are just about to embark on the fabulous journey of
learning to become Seeing Eye dogs. Just as he is about to finish his
tail, a wee pup becomes very frightened of all that lies ahead, and one
frightfully stormy night she runs away! Will King Campbell hear the
urgent call from the puppy nursery in time? Will they find her and save
her so she can fulfill her destiny?
The use of Tail instead of Tale for story and Magik instead of Magic is intended for these short stories. A great play on words from King Campbell
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Book Excerpt

Party, Plane and the Big Tall Stairs

One warm night a week or so later after his last visit to the puppy nursery, King Campbell lay on his bed in the corner of his mother’s room. It was too hot for him in his mother’s bed, and he found he was too restless to sleep. Just as he was thinking of going to aggravate the cat, he heard again the soft tinkling of dog tags off in the distance. He knew the pups had to be just about big enough to go to their puppy raiser families, and so after checking on his human mother and speaking for just a moment with his Bob Cat he stretched himself comfortably, took some slow deep breaths, and faded away.
When he appeared in the nursery all the pups came running up to him, and they were all talking at once.
“Whoa! Now! What’s all this?”
“Oh! King Campbell the wee golden called! We’re so excited you are here! We were afraid you wouldn’t hear the tinkling tags and you would miss the party.”
“Party? What? Why, Young Puppy, I never miss a party! Is there to be food?”
The puppies all laughed and gathered round.
“Yes! Yes, and yes! Yes!” They all barked together. “It’s a party for you! It’s a thank you party! We wanted to do this before we all had to go. We are all going to our families’ tomorrow, and we so want you to finish your tail, but you must try this cake. You cannot imagine the hard time we had keeping the humans out of our stuff!”
They were all trying to tell him everything all at once.
Finally, the dog mothers came up and took control. They gathered everyone around in a circle and put King Campbell right smack in the middle. Once all were settled they brought out a chicken cake made into the shape of a dog’s head.
“This is for you! We love you, King Campbell!” All the puppies cried out together. King Campbell smiled, and for just a moment he thought he might cry.
“Oh! Dear!” The wee Golden said as she came up beside him. “King Campbell has something in his eye.” She leaned up and stretching on tiptoe she licked his face.
They settled in and after his piece of cake had been served, and the crown they had made for him as a special party hat was placed on his head they began to chant.
“Tell the tail! Tell the tail!”
He laughed, wiped his mouth after finishing his cake, and after having a big drink of water from the bowl sitting beside him he began. He raised his paw and scratched thoughtfully under his chin.
“Can someone remind me of where I left off?”
“You were telling us all about the trip to the big city, and when you stopped, you and your human mother were in your room and you were about to go to sleep!” They all tried to talk at once, and finally, King Campbell had to bark to be heard.
“Woolf! Alright, now, I think I remember! Wow! You pups are really smart!”
They all snuggled close, and while he talked, the pups licked cake crumbs off one another.

Well, now, like I say we were at the end of class, and next morning all us teams left met in one of the big lounges and the humans had breakfast together. Us dogs lay at their feet under the big table and whispered to each other. We weren’t going to see one another for a long time, if ever and we too wanted to say our good-byes. As the humans finished up, my mommy was laughing and joking with everyone, and I thought maybe she was finally over her fear for good. Finally, it was time to go. Mommy got me out from under the table, and after we all said a final good-bye we were off, but as mommy started from the room, I suddenly smelled that fear smell, stronger than I had since our class had begun. I looked up at mommy and her face was all scrunched up, and she was crying. She looked very scared, and she did not say a word, and we did not move.
One of the lady trainers came over and asked her what was wrong, but still, my mommy did not speak. She dropped my harness handle and I suddenly felt afraid. What if she did not want me after all?

“Oh! Dear! She would never have done that!”
The wee golden pup cried, and she left her place in the circle and came running to King Campbell and snuggled as close as she could. He stopped for a moment waiting for all to be still and then continued.

No, she should not have, but I did not know this. I just knew she was not working me, and no one was guiding her, but the lady trainer took her to a chair and sat her down. I lay down on the floor at her feet without being told. I knew something wasn’t right. I looked round for Trainer Drew, and at first, I did not smell or see him, but then I caught a tiny sniff of him, and all of a sudden, I saw him coming up the stairs. When he saw us all there in the corner, he came quick as a flash and next thing I knew he was right by mommy’s side. Holding her hand and petting her hair. They talked for a bit. He reassured her that she would be ok and nothing bad would happen to her. He explained she would know what she needed to do when she needed to, and assured her I would too. Then I realized mommy was afraid she would forget what we had learned together, and I relaxed a bit and began to lick her feet. Even though she had her shoes on, I did not care at all. I just wanted her to know I was right there and I would not let anything happen to her.
Then my mommy looked up at Trainer Drew and said, “I cannot find Campbell’s Kong toy. He will want it. I can’t leave without it.” Now, I knew just exactly where it was, it had rolled underneath her bed while we had been playing the night before, but I couldn’t reach it and had given up on it and fallen asleep.
Trainer Drew laughed.
“Well, that I can do something about.”
He got mommy on her feet, and I stood beside her, and as she took my harness handle in her hand again I felt way better. So much so I gave a big wiggly waggly jingly jangly shake, and this did make mommy laugh. We went down the stairs quick as a flash following Trainer Drew and soon we were in our room, and he had indeed found my Kong, and putting it in mommy’s pack.
“Now, gather your things, and I’ll be back in a minute.”
I was not at all sure what was going to happen next, but I knew we were leaving, and although I did not quite know where we were going I knew we would be flying on a plane.

All the puppies gasped in surprise!
“A plane? Wow! Are they not the scariest of monsters?”
“Well, they can be, but you cannot get run over by them because they fly in the air, and we cannot. So, unless something goes wrong while they are in the air, there is not much chance of them hurting anyone at all.”
The puppies all sighed with relief and he continued.

Now, we found out Trainer Drew would not be taking us to the airport where the plane was to take us away, but another very nice trainer lady named Sue would be driving and I knew her very well, so this didn’t bother me at all. Mommy was a bit sad because Trainer Drew could not take us but I thought about it and I figured it was just one of those things that a doggy simply could do nothing about, and being the kind of dog I am I simply made the best of it.
“Didn’t you get to say good-bye to him?” one of the shepherds asked.
“Oh! Yes. I’ll tell of that, just hold on a moment pup.” King Campbell laughed.

Mommy was making one last check to see we had everything we would need for our trip, and when she was all done she sat down on her bed again. I thought for one horrible moment that she was going to cry, but just then my good dog friend Gavin brought his human and Trainer Drew into our room. I wanted to stand up but mommy told me to rest, and I had to obey. Oh! I tell you it was hard. Gavin wanted to come to me, but his human made him sit, and for a moment we could do nothing. Then Mommy stood to give Gavin’s human a hug, and when she did, Gavin and I were able to touch noses, and they did not know. I saw Trainer Drew had seen, but he did not rat us out, and how glad we were.
As mommy and Gavin’s human said good-bye, Gavin whispered, “Be Careful and take care of your human. I tell you, I do not think these humans know all they know about us yet, but I’m thinking they’ll learn soon enough.”
I wagged my tale in agreement, and then his human was hupping him up and off they went. Trainer Drew told us he would be right back, and as he was leaving Trainer Sue came by and said it was almost time to go. A few minutes later Trainer Drew returned, and he gave mommy a big hug, and I could smell mommy’s fear again. I stood very still and let Trainer Drew speak with her. He told her not to be afraid. He told her he was proud of her, and he knew she would do well. He gave her a very gentle hug and wiped her tears away one last time and for just a moment she seemed to want to tell him something. For just one very long moment she stood and it seemed to me she was holding her breath, but then she seemed to change her mind, and quick as it had come, the feeling Mommy would say more was gone.
“You get down there and give that dog a hug good-bye.” My mommy said. I cannot tell you how glad that made me.

“Did he hug you?” The little golden asked hopefully.
“Oh! Yes, he gave me pets, and a hug and I slimed him up with my big wet tongue all over. It was a great way to end things fur sure.”

Soon Trainer Sue was taking us away in the van with her, and after what seemed like only a little bit, we were at the busy airport filled with people going every which way and there was no more time to be scared, sad or anything at all. It was just all about work. We worked our way through a whole bunch of people and went through a long line. They checked through all mommy’s things and patted me all over. I did not understand. Even though I’ve flown before, I have simply never understood that part, but I was a good dog and did everything I was told. When all that was done, we went and found a place to rest, and mommy and Sue talked while I lay with my head against mommy’s foot, watching people going by all around us. It seemed to me I could smell Trainer Drew, but I could not see him anywhere, so I figured it must’ve been my imagination.

Just then one of the bigger shepherds spoke up. “Maybe he was with Gavin and his human in another part of the airport.”
“Well, you know? Maybe he was. I never thought of that. See,” I said, “you all were very smart dogs.”
They all sat for a moment thinking and then King Campbell went on.

Well, now like I say we were going to ride on a plane, and soon they were coming to get mommy and me. We said Goodbye to Sue and then we were off on an adventure, and let me tell you it was an adventure fur sure!

King Campbell stopped and scratched at a particularly annoying itch and all the puppies cried out.
“What happened? Where did you go? What did you do?”
King Campbell laughed, and after things were settled again he continued.

Once we got all settled on the plane, and all the other humans were in their places as well, we started to move, but soon I realized something was not quite right. Now let us remember my first family took me on all their trips. So, this was not my first time in a plane. I knew we were supposed to go into the air, but although we kept going from place to place on the runway, we never took off. I noticed after a while mommy put her things back into her pack and just sat still listening and not talking to anyone. This seemed to last for a long, long time, and then I fell asleep. When I woke back up we still hadn’t taken off.
Now the night before we had had some bad storms, but I did not think much about it. However, I heard some of the humans talking about bad storms close by, and I wondered if this might have something to do with why we were not in the air yet. Then the pilot—that’s the one who flies the plane. Well, he said we could not fly, and we were going to have to go back.

“Oh! Did that mean you and your mommy would not go home together?” One of the excitable shepherds asked.
“No dummy! That couldn’t be! He’s with her now!” The little golden one said.
“Now, now, that is not nice.” Scolded King Campbell. He chuckled to himself.
“Oh, Young Puppy, how much like my human mother you are.”
After taking another drink from the water bowl he continued. “Of course, we would go home together, but it did not look like we would go on that day.”

Finally, the plane was almost back where it had started, but one of the human ladies helping mommy told her we would have to go down some stairs rather than how we had gone onto the plane. This worried me because mommy had been afraid of stairs all the time we were learning together. Oh! Let me tell you! I had no idea what was in store for us. It was an adventure fur sure.
When all the others had gotten off the plane, mommy and I got up, she put my harness on and we started out of the plane. Well, when we got to the door of the plane and I saw those stairs, I decided it was not a good idea at all. Mommy insisted we cross the top of them and walk down the steps, but the top had tiny little holes sort of like a manhole cover does, and I did not want to lead her across that! No! Sir! It was very high up off the ground too, and even though I consider myself to be quite a brave dog, it just did not seem like a good idea at all! But nothing would do mommy, she continued to tell me to go forward. I tried with all I had to make her understand we should not do such. Could not do such, but still, she wanted to try.
Finally, she crouched down and murmured to me.
“Come on Bug. Mommy is afraid too, but this is the only way down. We must do it. We must trust one another. I love you. Come, my Love Bug. Come.”
We moved very slowly and carefully, and I could smell her fear, and feel my own.

“You were afraid?” The little golden said.
“Oh yes, very much.”
All the puppies looked at him. Their eyes were wide, and their tongues were all hanging out. He sat looking at them for a moment, and then he continued.

The wind was blowing, and I could hear thunder in the distance. I did not like it at all, but I was trying to do what my mommy was asking of me. Finally, we were across the top and to the stairs themselves. Mommy asked me if I were ready to go down, and I shook myself and led her quickly and carefully down. When we were safely down on the ground again, she knelt down and put her arms around me and buried her face into my fur.
She was trembling, and I hate to say it, but so was I. We stayed like that for a moment smelling and loving each other, and then the people on the ground who had been waiting for us clapped, and I could not help it. I began to wag my tail.
I led her back through the airport. I very much hoped we would go back to The Seeing Eye.
Soon we learned we would do just that.
I was ever so glad. I was very tired, and I very much wanted out of my harness and to go to sleep. I could smell mommy was tired too, and soon we found ourselves in the van with Trainer Jeff, and all our human and doggy friends. Turns out those storms humans had been talking about earlier had stopped all the planes, and we would all go back and spend one more night together.

As King Campbell finished all the puppies began to chatter excitedly!
“Oh! Wow! That was really brave of you and your new mommy! What happened next? Tell us! Don’t go away yet! Please? We will all be gone from here soon, and…!”
King Campbell laughed, and said, “Well, let us take a bit of a break, and I will tell you all how things ended up. I have to tell you this first though. There is no way for me to tell you everything that has happened since my going home with my human mother. I want to make sure you all understand one thing most of all and that is this. If ever in any way you find yourself in real trouble, and you can find no other way to get yourself out of it, all you have to do is to tinkle your tags as has been done here when I have been needed and I will come to you.”
All the puppies looked up at him in awe. They could simply not imagine this fine strong handsome king Seeing Eye Dog stopping whatever he might be doing and coming just to help one of them. Seeing their amazed faces King Campbell continued to speak.
“Now, let us always remember the lessons we have learned here. You must always tell the truth. This means you do not call me if there is not a real emergency. I cannot leave my human mother just because you might get angry at your human owner if they tell you to leave treats alone, or make you do some work when you would really rather lay and chew a bone. It must be a real problem that you are simply not able to solve on your own, or with the help of your pet friends, or from the humans in your life. Understand?”
All the puppies answered together.
“Yes, King Campbell! We understand.”

About Patty L. Fletcher

About Patty October 2021 Patty and her guide dog Blue. Patty has her hair tied back in a low ponytail and rests her right hand on Blue's head. She wears a white shirt with a pink and purple butterfly on the front and light blue shorts. Blue is a handsome black lab. He wears a brown leather harness with a handle attached to the back and is smiling at the camera as he sits in front of Patty. In the background is a brick building with white, windowed doors and a flowerpot overflowing with pink and yellow blooms. Updated – October 2021 Patty Fletcher is a single mother with a beautiful daughter, of whom she is enormously proud. She has a great son-in-law and six beautiful grandchildren. From April 2011 through September 2020, she owned and handled a black Labrador from The Seeing Eye® named King Campbell Lee Fletcher A.K.A. Bubba. Sadly, after a long battle with illness on September 24, 2020, King Campbell went to the Rainbow Bridge where all is peace and love. In July 2021, she returned to The Seeing Eye® and was paired with a Black Labrador Golden Retriever cross named Blue. PATTY’S BLINDNESS… Patty was born one and a half months premature. Her blindness was caused by her being given too much oxygen in the incubator. She was partially sighted until 1991, at which time she lost her sight due to an infection after cataract surgery and high eye pressure. She used a cane for 31 years before making the change to a guide dog. WHERE SHE LIVES AND WORKS… Currently, Patty lives and works in Kingsport, Tenn. She’s the creator and owner of Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing (Author, Blogger, Business Assist), The Writer’s Grapevine Online Magazine and the creator and host of the Talk to Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing Podcast. WRITING GOAL… Patty writes with the goal of bridging the great chasm which separates the disabled from the non-disabled. HOBBIES… Patty’s hobbies include reading, music, and attending book clubs via Zoom. FAVORITE TUNES… Some of her favorite types of tunes are classic rock, rhythm and blues, and classic country. FAVORITE READS… Patty enjoys fantasy, science fiction, and books about the supernatural. She loves books by Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Norah Roberts, and many more. Some favorite books include Norah Roberts’ Hide Away, Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series. SPIRITUAL FAITH… Patty describes herself as a spiritual Walker. She says she knows both Mother Goddess and Father God and embraces all they have to offer. CONTACT… Email: patty.volunteer1@gmail.com Visit: https://pattysworlds.com/ And: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/PattyFletcher As well as: https://www.amazon.com/Patty-L.-Fletcher/e/B00Q9I7RWG
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