AUTHORS, THEY’RE ONLY HUMAN: Update, Job Search, Book Sales Sponsor and More

Good morning to all. Here’s an update to my current situation.
Had a chat with someone who looked at my area on Google Earth.
Looks like what I think is so after all.
The areas right around where we live are not very conducive to safe walking for someone who is totally blind and using a guide.
Areas which do not have sidewalks need to have enough place for the dog to walk safely alongside the edges of roads without being in line of traffic.
They need to have ample room for dog and walker to, as my instructor used to say, get the hell out of the street.
So, it may be that I am simply stuck without answer.
GPS and such isn’t really going to help with that issue.
I’m not giving up just letting you know what I’ve found.
This is what I’m gonna say to you folks.
Before you move, don’t just get someone to describe your area. If they don’t speak “Blind language”
have a working knowledge of O&M you cannot necessarily know that they understand your need.
Get out and walk the neighborhood. Be sure of where the hell you’re moving to.
If I’d known, then what I know now I’d have never taken this house.
It’s nothing personal against house, owner or anyone who helped me get here.
It just is what it is.
I’m going to have no choice but make the best of it.
So, starting this week Campbell and I will be getting out as much as we can. I’ll just have to find other areas to visit and walk in.
We’ll be going to the Y starting Wed.
I could not get a van today and have an appointment tomorrow.
I’m also going to have to find a job. I’m going to have to have more income, so I can afford to be out and about more.
So, now I’m going to be redoubling my job hunting efforts.
I’m also going to be redoubling my book sales efforts.
I have a third book coming soon if I can manage to find publishing money.
Every darn thing I do is going to hinge on income increasing.
Frustrating but it is what it is and there’s nothing to do for it.
At the very least I need an additional $500 per month to take the edge off my financial situation. I’m hopeful for more book sponsorship because the books I’ve put out for sell are selling.
I need to be able to do a couple live book signing events so I’ve got to find some sponsorship for that.
Well, that’s the scoop for now.
Anyhow, hope everyone has a good day.

If you’d like to pick up a book visit:

If you’d like to be a book sponsor write:

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