For people with blindness or low vision, living in the 21st century can be richer than ever before! So many ways to learn, read, communicate and travel. Yet internal and external barriers can still keep us from living fully.

For thirty years, my journal has been my trusted, always-available, accepting companion. Now, as a Journal to the Self instructor, I’d love to introduce you to your own best friend. Use your favorit writing tool and discover how writing for just ten or fifteen minutes a few times a week can bring healing, self-compassion, creativity and nourish the seeds of change.

In June, July and August, I’ll be conducting mini-workshops to give you a taste of what keeping a journal can be. Relax! No need to share your writing, or be concern about grammar, sentence structure, or all those pesky rules we learned in school. All you need to bring is curiosity, your willingness to try something new, and your favorite writing tool. These mini-workshops will take place on a teleconference line and last about ninety minutes. There will be daytime and evening opportunities

Feel free to pass this information to anyone you know whose heart will beat faster when they read this.

Kathleen Adams, author of JOURNAL TO THE SELF, says with a journal, “You have a friend at your fingertips.”

For details, email me at:

Becky DeGeorg

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