Hello campbellsworld visitors.
As those who follow me on a regular basis know one of my favorite things to do on this earth is to make my Bubba Dog happy
This morning just before noon I got to do that in a great way.

I had a little help from my friends at New Hope Aquascapes and Landscaping.

One of Bubba’s favorite things to do is to go out and investigate his yard once it has been mown. He has in fact come to expect that once the loud machines leave his yard I will stop whatever I am doing and take him out. This morning was no exception to that rule.

As I sat here reading through blog post after blog post searching for new and unique ways for all my totally talented Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing clients to promote themselves Campbell lay by the front door sniffing the air watching the workmen from New Hope Aquascapes and Landscaping work their magik on our yard.

No sooner than they were through had loaded up their equipment and gone Campbell was at my side.

Nudge…Nudge…Nudge…! ! !
“Mom! Come On! They’re gone! Let’s go!”

“Campbell. Wait. I’m almost done.”


“Did you just nip me?”

“Sneeze! Yes, now come! On!”

Finally I could stand it no longer. It was evident I was going to get not one more thing done if I did not get up and take him out.

We were neither of us disappointed. The grass was beautifully cut. Evenly done, and our walk-ways were clean our deck and front porch had no shredded grass all over, and a wonderful walk was had by all.

Of course Campbell had to inspect every single inch, and here is his report.

“Hello humans and doggies everywhere!
King Campbell Super Seeing Eye Dog A.K.A Bubba here to report that our yard is clean and bug free once again.

I sniffed every bit of it twice over, and I’m happy as I can be with what I found.
All the scents in my yard had been stirred nicely, the grass was all short and clean and although fresh-cut grass does make me sneeze it was so way great to sniff and play in that I did not want to come back inside when my mom said it was time.

Thanks to all the fabulous humans at New Hope Aquascapes and Landscaping for making my yard a grand place to be.”

Human Patty back to say…
One of the hardest things I do as a renter is to find someone to do the yard. I am picky, do not like for it to be long and after having friends and family make promises to keep it done and never following through in a timely manner, when I moved this time I decided to hire it done.

Whether you’re a home-owner or renter finding trustworthy persons to work in and around your home can be scary business.
In a world where scams can be found by the dozen, knowing who to hire can be a chore all by itself.

As a totally blind consumer I must be extra careful who I consider to have on my property but Clay Goad and his staff have put my mind at ease, and I one-hundred percent guarantee that once you have them work for you you’ll never have anyone else.

Make sure to check out their ad below and give them a call today.
You will not regret it.
Please tell them Patty L. Fletcher from Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing sent you.
PS. King Campbell back to say, if you dogs are looking for someone to keep your yard cut and clean for you tell your humans to call these folks “Right here and now! Woolf!”

Here’s the info…

New Hope Aquascapes and Landscaping is welcoming new clients. We proudly service the tri-cities and are licensed and insured. New Hope offers quality mowing, trimming and air sweeping at a competitive rate. Our top notch equipment, matched with experienced professionals, enable us to provide exceptional quality at an affordable rate. We offer a series of landscaping services, allowing us to be your one call for outdoor services. From one mowing while you’re on vacation, to a complete water garden paradise, we handle it. Give us a call or text us at 423-367-1214 for your free consultation.

Service Area
• Johnson City
• Kingsport
• Blountville
• Erwin

Services Offered
Fountains & Ponds
• Pond Water Feature
• Fountain or Waterfall Water Feature
• Soil, Sand, Mulch and rock Delivery
Lawn & Garden Care
• Mow & Maintain a Lawn
Tree Service

Areas of Expertise
• Custom Ponds
• Custom Fountains
• Lawn Care and Maintenance
• Personalized Exteriors
• Curb Appeal

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