READING WITH THE AUTHORS: Cimarron Rose a Novel Reviewed by Patty L. Fletcher

I read this book via Audible because it is not yet available in any format from NLS except Braille.
It was one of the best books I will most likely ever read. Gripping, gritty, and written with more feeling than anything I’ve read in many years.
There were scenes in this book that made me stop the player and sit in utter silence replaying their words slowly through my mind over and over absorbing every syllable to make sure I did not lose any of their meaning.
There were times when I found myself angered to the point of being able to feel the blood pounding in my temples, only to have the anger dissolve to tears of heart-breaking sadness moments later.
The characters were such that you could care for all of them both hero and criminal, and at times separating between the two was extremely difficult.
The chilling suspense factor was off the chart, and it was not until nearly the very end of the book that I even began to figure out who had actually done the killing.
To say that this could possibly become my most favorite fiction of 2018 could be an under-statement.
Of course, only time will tell.
I downloaded this book yesterday around 7:30 PM and finished it less than an hour ago.
The NLS synopsis is below.
I absolutely recommend you read this book in some form.

Cimarron rose: a novel BR 11339
Burke, James Lee. 3 Volumes.
A production of Library of Congress, National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.

Subjects: Suspense Fiction

Series: Billy Bob Holland mystery

Description: Texas ranger-turned-attorney Billy Bob Holland agrees to defend teenager Lucas Smothers, who was found unconscious at the murder scene of a female acquaintance and arrested for the crime. Holland has a compelling reason to take the case–Smothers is his illegitimate son. Strong language, violence, and some explicit descriptions of sex.
• Contracted braille.
• New York: Hyperion, c1997., Transcription of:
• Teenage boys; Texas; Holland, Billy Bob (Fictitious character); Trials (Murder); Mystery fiction; Legal stories
Download Cimarron rose: a novel

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