Wanted Summer Companion Simply a Friend


Someone looking to turn loose of all preconceived notions and ideas of that perfect someone.

Someone who is not afraid of someone who is multiply disabled.

Someone who likes dogs and doesn’t mind being in the company of someone who loves, owns, and handles a Seeing Eye Guide Dog.

Someone who likes to have a drink or two.

Someone who likes to go out occasionally.

Likes outdoor events, and doesn’t require TV all the time.

Someone who isn’t going to be all hands, and always want sex.

Someone who might like to hold hands, who likes books and doesn’t mind that I am a magickal being.

Someone who is not necessarily looking for a commitment who is willing to go with the flow and is willing to allow the river of life to carry them.

Someone who is responsible but willing to take a chance once in a while too.

Someone who would like to enjoy the summer.

Someone who is not afraid to live life and maybe even might like to take a short trip somewhere.

I don’t have lots to offer, but I like to laugh like to have a good time.

I like picnics in the park, having great conversation, wine beer and occasionally mixed drinks.

I can make a mean decorate.

So mote it be blessid be.

PS. No perverts please Goddess.

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