“Too many words were happening” and sensory sensitivities

I’m so relieved to read this.
I deal with so many of the things Kirsty writes of here.
In fact some are exact.
I’d always known I had these issues, but it wasn’t until all the talk of all these other disabilities came into being that I realized I was dealing with them.
Loud family gatherings used to make me so stressed I’d get manic.
Large crowded noisy places exhaust me, and constant noises make me want to put the pillow over my head at night.
Another thing that bothers me is when I’m working my Seeing Eye Guide Dog Campbell and there are lots of different noises going on around me or several people talking I begin to lose my sense of direction and next thing I know I’m directing he and I off the beaten path and he, being a curious sort will not always correct me.
I have gotten turned round in my own house or yard due to these things, and as I’ve gotten older it has gotten worse.
It has in fact gotten to the point that I have for the most part given up Television.
Unless I sit down and watch Netflix or something similar I do not watch it any-more.
In fact I do not any longer own a TV.
Read this post and know that if you deal with these things you’re not alone.
I don’t deal so much with the texture thing but I do not like sticky on my hands or body. I will go into fits if I get something sticky on me and cannot get it off.
Thanks for reading if you do, and please? Share this with others. It is really important.

Unseen beauty

For many years, the people around me, and even I to some extent, put some of my quirky behaviour or reactions down to my blindness, or just my being a bit unusual. It was only when I started doing some research because I was working with a learner with autism that I began to discover things like sensory sensitivity, which I never knew were a thing, and really relate to them.

The thing was, I started reading articles to be a better teacher, but I think one of the reasons I seemed to have more success communicating with this particular learner than some of the others around me was that some of the things I was reading made sense on a level that was deeper than just understanding the text. I got it!

That didn’t mean I related to everything – I didn’t have the learner’s difficulties with social interactions…

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2 Responses to “Too many words were happening” and sensory sensitivities

  1. Thanks so much for sharing my post and your own experiences. I think it’s really important to know we are not alone and that it’s ok not to be ok with things. Ok, sometimes you have to get through a situation, but the older I get, I’m more selective about what I will make myself do, because I don’t have anything to prove now. These things don’t get easier the more you subject yourself to them.


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