Nocturnal Journal Part Two: a Presence In the Dead of Night By Patty L Fletcher

Nocturnal Journal Part Two: A Presence In the Dead of Night
Patty L. Fletcher
May 20, 2018

I awoke at just after 1 AM.
Got up, got a cold drink of water, went to the bathroom and lay down on the loveseat determined I would go back to sleep.
That’s when I felt it. A presence. There but not.
I knew there was no one physically in the room but felt a spiritual presence.
I opened my mind and tried to determine who it might be.
Today is the birthday of a family member and I thought that might be who it was.
It was not. Of that I became very sure.
It did not feel evil, but it wasn’t necessarily friendly either.
More like displaced scattered energy.
Just when I became aware that it was a male presence Campbell came awake and the presence vanished.
I continued laying on the loveseat. I hoped it would return. It did not.
Finally, unable to go back to sleep I went back into the bed room and lay down with Campbell. Rubbing his tummy and reassuring him that all was well.
I dozed for maybe 15 minutes and then came wide awake again.
Try as I might I could not go back to sleep.
Finally giving into the wakefulness I felt I got up, went into the kitchen, put in a load of laundry, rinsed the dishes in the sink, and finished filling the dish washer.
Once that was done I poured myself a cup of coffee and began to read email and Facebook posts.
Now, here I sit. Campbell got up and came into the living room.
It is so humid out that each time the air conditioner comes on I can smell the dampness from the outside.
I did not dream last night. At least I don’t remember it if I did and I am glad.
I have to say the reoccurring dream I have is somewhat disturbing.
Well, the washer has stopped, my coffee cup is empty and so I shall go and see to them.
Thanks for reading if you did and blessid be.

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