A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there. – Unknown

This Sunday at Unity Church of the Tri-Cities

On Sunday May 20th, Rev. Carolyn’s message will be “SURPRISE!” The service will begin at 11am at the Carnegie Hotel (see below) and will be supported by our popular “rockin’ reverent” music. Please stay for coffee and conversation

A new location for the Church
Sunday, May 20th and 27th, Unity Church of the Tri-Cities will meet at THE CARNEGIE HOTEL (Alfred Taylor Room on the lower level) 1216 West State of Franklin Road, Johnson City. We will continue to begin our services at 11am.
The easiest place to park will be in the parking garage in back of the Carnegie. (It’s free; no ticket required.) From the parking garage simply walk across to the big entrance to the lower level of the Carnegie. Once inside just turn left at the first corridor and go to the first room on the left.
OR, if you prefer not to park in the parking garage, you may park in front of the hotel near the main entrance or in the lot near Wellington’s Restaurant. Once inside the lobby, you will see the elevators on the right which will take you to the lower level. When you get off the elevator, go to the right and then immediately turn right at the first corridor. We will be in the first room on the left.
Driving directions:
In Johnson City: South on State of Franklin Rd, past Johnson City Medical Center. The Carnegie is directly across the street from East Tennessee State University, and next door to the Millenium Conference Center.
From I-26:
Take Exit 23 (Market Street). At the stop sign, turn right onto Market St. Go about two blocks and turn left at the light at N. Roan St. In about two blocks, turn right on State of Franklin Road. Just past the main entrance to ETSU, turn right into the Carnegie lot.

Amazon “Smile” Donates to Our Church

Any time you buy something from Amazon, they will donate a percentage of your purchase to our church. The process is simple: just log on to smile.amazon.com to make your purchase and before you shop you will be prompted to choose a charity for the donation. Unity Church of the Tri-Cities is one of the non-profits. The prices for all items are the same as on regular amazon.com. We are very grateful for your donations through smile.amazon.com

The Quest: A Journey of Spiritual Rediscovery
by Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla (We are currently in Chapter 17 “Inner Change”)

A friend of ours eloquently describes her childhood days on a farm. She remembers how her father tested seeds to find which variety would grow best. He had a gray woolen sock in which he would place several kinds of dried corn kernels. The seeds would sprout in secret, in the darkness of the sock. No light was ever permitted to touch the sprouting life, for if it did, the seeds would not grow. They had to develop their own inner light. The change—the growth—was taking place inside.
Our friend explained that this transformation from a seed to a plant was a most fragile process, and had to be shielded from the outer forces in order for the sprout to gain its own strength.
This is a perfect parallel to our own spiritual growth. Transformation is an inner process and has to begin in secret where it can call upon its own light and strength, just like the sprouting seed. We, too, diminish and cease to grow if we are subjected to too much of the outer at this fragile time.

No matter what it is that you want to see happen in your life, it can only take place through inner change. No amount of change in the outer gives you permanent joy or peace, health or prosperity or, most importantly, a sense of the presence of God. Whatever your present situation in life, it is only altered by surrendering yourself and allowing change to happen from within out.
Inner change is taking place in you right now. Draw upon your own spiritual strength, the Power within you, to nurture and sustain you.
The transformation process is an inside job. When you heard your call, the process was no longer a voluntary one for you, it was mandatory. Once you heeded the call, a surrender to inner change became your only option.
Inner change is really the reason you are traveling The Quest, discovering the Teachings, entering into the Adventures, and completing your Activities. You are weaving new cloth, pouring new wine into new wineskins.
New thoughts, new beliefs, new feelings, and new discoveries of our spiritual nature bring on inner change and make us act in new ways. That is the kind of change which allows us to live different lives—to be, in effect, different people.

Mile markers
•Many people are willing to rearrange the outer things in their lives, but few are willing to rearrange the priorities of their inner worlds.
•If your consciousness doesn’t change, you will continually re-create the same old circumstance.
•Changes in the outer occur only after changes from within. Transformation is an inside job.

I am willing to be transformed at depth. Help me, God, to change whatever
must be changed, so that I can express my true self.

Follow us weekly as we go exploring on The Quest. More hints along the path of spiritual rediscovery will be revealed each week.

Live. Love. Learn. Church of the Daily Word.

Here for you. unity1.unity@gmail.com

http://www.unitytricities.org 423-975-9159

P.O. Box 2161, Johnson City, TN 37605

Rev. Carolyn Claiborne, Minister

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