Reading With the Authors: Feast Day of Fools

So, I’m reading this Hackberry series novel, and finding myself getting really annoyed with Hack the Sharif.
He’s the kind of man you love to hate. At least for me.
Let me see if I can put into words what I mean.
He puts me in mind of a lot of older guys. You know the ones?
The ones that are about 10 to 12 years older than you. The ones who make you love them, want and need them, then give you lame crappy excuses why you shouldn’t?
That kind.
Well, he’s also a great guy with great values, a body that won’t quit and is just needy enough to make you want to love and take care of him the rest of his life.
And, let me say there is always a but.
What is the but?
He wants you to love and take care of him, but he is too much a coward to let you.
He uses his age, status, or a combination of both to keep you at arm’s length.
He tells you you should not love him because you’re too young, tells you you don’t really love him, says you’re looking for a father figure.
That’s crap guys. At least for me. I never had feelings like that for my father.
I’ve been told that. Been told, “Young lady you don’t know what you feel. You’re just reacting to the emotion of the moment.”
That’s what he’s doing to his deputy Pam and it is the same thing that has been done to me and I want to reach into my player and rip out his lungs and feed them to him.
One minute he tells her she should not feel as she does, and the next he’s buying ice cream and bringing it to her house telling her it’s a fine evening for root beer floats.
When I’m not wanting to see him buried in the desert sand that can be found behind the property of his ranch I’m wanting to hold and love him.
He reminds me of someone I cannot manage to get out of my head.
As a whole this is a great book, and a fabulous series, but this character will make you love to hate him.
The mystery is spot on. The suspense is high volume, there’s just enough romance to make you want more, and the sex is again left to the imagination and I’ve already told you about my imagination.
So, even though I’ve not finished this book I highly recommend it.

Feast day of fools: a novel DB74292
Burke, James Lee. Reading time: 16 hours, 46 minutes.
Read by Robert Sams.

Mystery and Detective Stories

Texas sheriff Hackberry Holland and chief deputy Pam Tibbs investigate a murder in the desert borderland. Meanwhile, serial killer “Preacher” Jack Collins, from Rain Gods (DB 69989), returns and harbors a former federal scientist whose knowledge of military secrets makes him a terrorist target. Violence and strong language. 2011.
Downloaded: May 17, 2018
Download Feast day of fools: a novel

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