AUTHOR’S CORNER: Down By the River By Karen J Mossman

Down by the River
Karen J Mossman

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Excerpt from Down by the River

Pa was sitting next to the fire staring at the flames. He was sober and didn’t look up as she entered. The place smelled of urine and booze, and Shelby turned her nose up.
He looked older and skinnier in his plaid shirt and jeans. They had both seen better days and hung off him. His greased back hair was long and thin at the back, and it was clear he wasn’t taking care of himself.
“I knew you’d be back. You shoulda’ let me know, and I’d have picked you up from the bus.”
“Yes, well, I didn’t know you’d be sober.” She looked around; nothing had changed. His clap-trap car with boozed up Pa at the wheel was not something she wanted to try.
“A whole year and no word,” he said, as she sat down in the threadbare high-backed chair.
“I came back ‘cos of Mary-Jo.” She watched him light a cigarette and draw heavily on it.
“You’re a fool to come back here.” He blew a trail of blue smoke towards the ceiling.
“I should never have left her.” Shelby realised now she was here, she should never have left Mary-Jo. Maybe she wouldn’t have disappeared. She wondered if she’d have been able to persuade her to leave with her. At the back of her mind she knew, Mary-Jo would never have left. And she couldn’t have stayed.
There was tension in this town, and it scared her. Closing her eyes, Shelby leaned back in the chair.
In her head, she saw the swirling of water, tears of betrayal and shame. Trying to lose the image, she opened her eyes, and Pa was watching her, his cigarette almost finished.
“Don’t fight it, Shelby,” he said quietly, as the sound of her heart pounded in her ears. “You ought to go have a talk with that crazy boy she’s been hanging around with.”
The following day, Mary-Jo’s body was found in the river.


Author site:

Karen J Mossman comes from a family of journalists with her grandfather and uncle having been newspaper editors. Further back a 2x grandfather wrote for his local paper and also published a book based on those articles. Karen is the only one to go into fiction.

Two of her novels are romantic suspense and one is a thriller. She also has three themed short story collections and has recently joined the Electric Eclectic books, which allow her to write novelettes in different genres. So far she has four under the EE brand.

Karen is also an avid blogger and book reviewer, “It’s especially important to me to have feedback from my readers, so please leave a review when you have read one of my books.”

Karen lives on the beautiful Isle of Anglesey off the North Wales coast with her husband and elderly Yorkshire terrier. She has two grown up children, who were both born on the same day, two years apart.

“I enjoy writing in different genres and you can see some of my shorter stories on my website.”


1. Joanna’s Journey
In e-book and print on Amazon. Also on Kindle Unlimited
Full details, excerpts, and buying links:


Most girls just want to find their one true love. Sisters, Joanna and Sandie are no exception.
While Joanna falls for rock singer, Niko, Sandie’s choice leaves Joanna reeling and causes a rift in their relationship.
Niko’s music always comes first and Joanna accepts being second best. She promises never to ask anything from him. But when she finds herself caught up in a violent shooting she is lost, frightened and alone.
Will Niko stand by her side or will he choose the path to stardom?
Set in the 80s with a soundtrack of music and fashion, Joanna’s Journey travels a road where sometimes love is not enough

Selected review quotes:

“ I laughed, I cried and finished the book with a smile on my face.” Amazon Customer

“A heartfelt journey that will make you laugh, cringe and cry with all it’s intricate character traits and plot turns. Karen is an excellent writer to follow.”
– Dawn Chapman, author of The Desert Sequence: Puatera Online bk 1-3

“One of those books that keeps you reading on to the end
– Amazon Customer

2. Joanna’s Destiny
Release Date June 3rd, pre-order May 3rd
In e-book and print on Amazon. Also on Kindle Unlimited
(Standalone book – you don’t have to read the first one)
Full details, excerpts, and buying links, more – coming soon


Struggling with the past, Joanna can’t forget the love she lost and the man who broke her heart. During the summer at a rock festival, Joanna meets him again. Niko is now an international rock star. Can they put the past behind them and rekindle the love they once had?
Mike stood by her when no one else did, but Niko still wants her. Joanna becomes entangled in a web of lies and deceit. Niko is the love of her life, but she cannot leave Mike as confusion and betrayal follows.
In Joanna’s Destiny, she has some fun times in France and mingles with the stars in Montreux. With a backdrop of music and fashion, emotions and friendships are tested. Her love for Niko never falters, showing that love can conquer all, but at what cost?

4. The Secret
Full details, excerpts, and buying links:

Dear Diary
Kerry O’Brien has a hot new boyfriend! Yay!
His name is Tommy. He’s a biker and he’s gorgeous. He seems to like me too. He makes me feel good about myself and it’s been a long time since anyone has paid me that much attention. I also have a monster for a stepfather.
But I’m scared, scared Bill will find out about him and scared he will find out about Bill. Tommy’s very protective of me and if he ever found out my secret, I think he would murder Bill.
Bill started again last night. Jodie and I hid under the bed. I don’t want him to ever touch her. Secrets like mine are only whispered about. But the bruises are getting harder to cover and I know once Tommy finds out the truth, He’ll hate me and I’m afraid I might lose him.

Selected review quotes:

“I don’t think I’m going to be able to find the words to say how much I enjoyed this book.”
– Julia Blake, author of Earthsong

“The way this author wrote about one family’s life in 1970 Manchester was authentic and enjoyable.”
– Amazon customer

“What a truly great read this was, I was drawn in from the very first page.”
– Ness Miller, author of Alamir: Blood of Kaos Series

4. The Truth Will Out
Full details, excerpts, and buying links:

Kelly needs to escape from her abusive and controlling boyfriend, but she’s terrified to leave. She’s then given a chance to start a fresh, but is the cost for her freedom too high?

Sarah is happy in her life. She has a dream job and a perfect roommate. But when a brick is thrown through the window, followed by a letter containing razor blades, her life starts to spin out of control. Detective Ryan Andrews is on the case and the two quickly form a close bond.

Will Kelly pay that price for freedom? Can Sarah’s secret past be kept from Ryan?

In the end The Truth Will Out.

Selected review quotes:

“This book was full of tension and suspense.”
– Amazon Customer

“Pass me the handcuffs and clip them on to me and the delectable Ryan, a uniformed book boyfriend – Yes please!”
– Audrina Lane, author of The Heart Trilogy

“This is a great story of a woman who finds herself while in the witness protection program.”
– Amazon Customer

5. The Themed Collection
The Missing, a collection of short stories about missing people.
Behind The Music, a collection of short stories with a musical theme.
Heroes, a collection of short stories about heroes of all kinds.
Full details, excerpts, and buying links:

Selected review quotes
“I enjoyed this collection of short stories, If that’s the right way to describe a book covering such a sensitive subject.”
– Amazon Customer about The Missing

“Karen J. Mossman’s themed collection of eight short stories investigate a range of heroes in a variety of settings and writing styles.”
– Stewart Bint, author of Timeshaft, about Heroes

“Really loved this, very thought provoking and so believable.”
– Amazon customer about Behind The Music

6. Electric Eclectic Books, novelettes
One Christmas
Distant Time
Down by the River
A Cry in the Night
Full details, excerpts, and buying links:

Selected review quotes

“A normal family at Christmas, then tragedy strikes and the main point of the story is how the family come to terms and cope with the aftermath.”
Julia Blake – author of Lost and Found about One Christmas

“It gripped me from the first paragraph so I knew straight away I was going to enjoy it.”
Amazon customer about Distant Time

“Sometimes good things come in small packages. This is true of Karen J. Mossman’s thriller Down by The River:”
– Elizabeth Horton-Newton, author of View from the Sixth Floor


Story site:
Book Blogger site:

About Patty L. Fletcher

Patty L. Fletcher lives in Kingsport Tennessee where she works full time as a Writer with the goal of bridging the great chasm which separates the disAbled from the non-disAbled. And as a Social Media Promotional Assistant. She is the owner and creator of Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing (Author, Blogger Business Assist), and is the published author of two books, Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life and Bubba Tails From the Puppy Nursery At The Seeing Eye: Volume One. She can also be found in two anthologies which are, December Awethology Light And A Treasure Chest of Children’s Tales. She is now working on her third book which is to be a memoir trilogy called, ‘Pathway To Freedom: Broken and Healed’.
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