I just have to say this was such a great book I quite literally read it in one day.
As I said I could not read it via NLS. I simply was not able to get passed the narration of some of the character voices that the lady was trying to do.
I am absolutely certain her heart was in the right place, and she may be a fabulous reader for another type of book.
For me I just couldn’t do it.
Now, that having been said I may have given it a bigger try had I not had the option of Audible, which is where I got it from to read about 2 or so yesterday afternoon.
Since you can lock your screen with the audible app I read nonstop the rest of the day and into the night.
I read while I cleaned house, although several times I stopped in mid-sweep to listen to a particularly interesting or action packed scene.
I listened while I walked the dog, although I ended up under a tree half way down the street to read a great chapter in the shade.
I read late into the night when I could not sleep.
I found myself absolutely loving this book.
The character development was amazing.
I could love all of them. Even the criminals had some heart.
I could get angry at all them including Billy Bob the good guy who well, aint always that good.
I found myself thinking he might ought to get some help for his issue with his ghost friend who keeps showing up and then I thought it might not be such a bad idea to have such a friend as that around.
Except that people think you’re nuts for talking to someone they cannot see.
People think I’m nutty anyhow, so…
What I’m saying is that this darn author just goes higher and higher on my favorite author list.
There was some romance, but again the sex scenes were left to the imagination.
Again we will not speak of my imagination.
The suspense factor was high and there were a couple plot twists that I simply did not see coming.
I recommend this book as highly as possible.
Here’s NLS info.
Give it a try.

Heartwood: a novel DBC04892
Burke, James Lee. Reading time: 13 hours, 11 minutes.
Read by Dianna Dorman. A production of Texas State Library and Archives Commission, Talking Book Program.

Mystery and Detective Stories
Legal Issues

Texas attorney Billy Bob Holland, last seen in Cimarron Rose (BR 11339), is defending hapless cowboy Wilbur Pickett, accused of stealing bonds from his wealthy employer, Earl Deitrich. Wilbur’s blind wife kills an intruder, while Billy Bob focuses suspicion on Earl’s wife and son. Contains explicit descriptions of sex, strong language, and violence.
Downloaded: May 15, 2018
Download Heartwood: a novel

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