Final Winter

via Final Winter

Here’s a review from author Karen J Mossman, who by the way has some great work of her own. I’d like to make a couple comments concerning some things Karen says here. First, to the book/movie of Stephen King she refers to, the written version was better. Second, I too sometimes find it confusing if there are more than one character telling the story more than one view point can be annoying if not done right. But. If done correctly it can seriously be great and make you think, which for me is a big part of why I read. I like to have my mind challenged. Anyhoo here’s Karen’s review. Oh one more thing, as to mistakes in written work, I have to say that doesn’t just go to the writer, but to those reviewing as well. Remember folks what you say about a persons book is important. So, is how you say it. 🙂

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