Bubba Tails: Awakening To Love by Patty L. Fletcher


To many, waking up with a big hairy dog for a companion every-day might seem rather trivial.
To me, it is one of the very best parts of the entire week, hands down.
The following tells the tail) tale better than I can do it now.
It is just before Thanksgiving, 2017. For those who don’t know, the King, Campbell Lee A.K.A Bubba is a BIG BLACK LABRADORE, and my Seeing Eye Dog Guide. The entire center of my world.

This morning I woke just before 4 AM. I wanted very much to sneak passed the King’s room, and pee, drag my blanket to my favorite nest on the loveseat and snooze for another little bit while the coffee made, and it got closer to a reasonable hour, but noooo!

I went into the bathroom with no noise, no problem at all, then, the unthinkable!

My scales! Those blasted talking scales! Those blasted talking motion sensitive scales. Those blasted talking motion sensitive, loud-mouthed scales!!! Spoke! Saying…

“Please step on the scale.”

And then…

Thump! Thud! He was up, and awake.

Now, King Campbell, A.K.A Bubba does not awaken slowly. No, not even at just a few days before turning 9-years-old, which in dog years is over 60-years-old.

NOOOO! Not he. He, wakes all at once.

He, becomes “Live and in person!”


In a big big way!

So, there went snoozing in my favorite nest. There went waiting on fresh coffee to drip into the pot, spreading its wonderful smell all throughout the house, which by the way is part of the waking up process.

It was all gone, but what took its place, priceless.

King Campbell, A.K.A Bubba came charging in. Slipping and sliding on the linoleum.

Wigging and wagging, jingling, and jangling, all the way.

To Love, and chew on me. To give me kisses, and say…

“Oh! My Mommy! I love you! Can I help you do something? Need to go somewhere? I’m ready, let’s go!”

And, at that moment all the rest seemed so unimportant, kind of like some long-forgotten toy.

How blessed am I to have such love to start my day?

Thank you to The Seeing Eye for putting this most wonderful, loving being into my life.

May you truly be blessed for many moons to come.

If you are a blind person, and you’d like to become more independent, and experience this wondrous love while doing so here’s how…

Visit: http://www.TheSeeingEye.org

If you’d like to help continue this wondrous work, that The Seeing Eye does, for many moons to come, send them a donation.

No matter which you decide to do, if you do, tell them King Campbell A.K.A Bubba Sent you.

Until next time, this is Patty, who had her first cup of coffee sitting on the edge of Bubba’s bed after he’d been fed and walked, and King Campbell Super Seeing Eye Dog, A.K.A Bubba saying…

May harmony find you, and blessid be.

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2 Responses to Bubba Tails: Awakening To Love by Patty L. Fletcher

  1. Patty, this is sweet. By the way, I hate it when my talking scale tells me what I don’t want to hear, that I’ve gained a pound or two.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Patty says:

      I have dreams of stomping mine regularly.

      All I have to do is to walk into the bathroom and it says in this voice I’d very much like to strangle, “Please step on the scale.”

      I cannot write here my reply. LOL!

      Liked by 1 person

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