Authors Corner – In My Dream by Lynda McKinney Lambert

Good Sunday afternoon campbellsworld visitors and poetry lovers one and all. This afternoon author Lynda McKinney Lambert has done it again. She has written something that has captured my heart.


If you read will surely capture yours as well. I invite and encourage you to read and to share.Thanks for dropping into the Author’s Corner and come again very soon to see which of my totally talented Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing clients will pop up next.

Sunday Morning Musings on my blog – Walking by Inner Vision. You can read the poem posted below or click on the link to listen to me reading it. My topic today is, “Dreams. Who Needs Them!”

Link to my blog poem with voice recording here:

Dreams. Who Needs Them!


Are you?

I am certain that we  become what we DREAM.

Our DREAMS offer INSIGHT into who we are.

What do we think about

when we are wide-awake?

Where will our life journey take us?

Our DREAMS show us our PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE.

Can you relate to this statement

by  Henry David Thoreau?

I learned this, at least, by my experiment: that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

My poem, “In My Dream,” appeared in the Spring/Summer edition of Magnets & Ladders Literary Magazine.

In my dream

I am standing on the mountain
near the terrifying edge of the precipice,
sit down to draw in my sketchbook.
I see Alpine villages in the valley below,
scattered like multi-colored Tourmaline stones.

In my dream

I am in death-defying situations
It is always winter and I struggle.
icy winds and dicey slopes
without a pathway.

In my dream

my solo flights are joyous.
I push my heels downward
launch my body into the sky.
Hover. Dive. Swoop. Circle.
No need for feathered wings.

In my dream

I climb upwards
on the ladder I stumbled upon
in the woods one afternoon.
Earth disappears
the ladder is unstable
“Keep it straight up,” I whisper.
“Keep your body cantered. Stay poised.”

In my dream

a cerulean blue dragon kills stealthy leopards
I touch the Dragon’s horny face as we fly
full-speed ahead through throbbing pain
I’m a midnight rider on rain-slick highways
headed home.

In my dream

I hold asymmetrical yellow wildflowers
planted by birds and wind in open fields.
A white dog guards the entrance to the Underworld.
She sleeps under my bed
guards me on long narrow journeys.

In my dream

I rest in the shade of Hemlocks and ferns,
gather water-worn grey stones from the river bottom,
glide on the surface of the Allegheny river
in my red canoe.

In my dream

I watch the movements as dusty stars
leave tracks on a snow-covered path.

Essay and poem by Lynda McKinney Lambert. Copyright May 6, 2018. All rights reserved. Please share with your friends  and leave a comment for the author.

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3 Responses to Authors Corner – In My Dream by Lynda McKinney Lambert

  1. Reblogged this on SCAN and commented:
    Dream a little dream
    Dream a bigger dream
    Dream a fantastic dream
    Pursue your dream.


  2. thank you, Patty, for this beautiful presentation of my poem, “In My Dream.” It looks so good as you have presented it here – centered. I also love how you presented the first line of each section of this poem fragment. A Dream comes to us in layers and fragments – one dream has many parts to it. Your layout of the poem works well.


    • Patty says:

      Hi Lynda.

      Glad you approve.

      I must give lots of the credit to my assistant Claire Plaisted of Plaisted Publishing House.

      I was not quite sure how to best post this visually.

      So, I sent your beautifully written poem and photos to her so she could work her magik.

      She is after all the blog Wizz of the century and helps me keep my blog looking top-notch.

      BTW? While I am here, let me say that poem spoke to me in a wonderful way.

      Thanks to you for reblogging. That is by far the best complement a blogger can receive.


      Made my day.


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