A Blessing a Day In the Month of May # 4 and #5 Glad To Be Alive

A Blessing a Day In the Month of May # 4 and 5 Glad To Be Alive
Patty L. Fletcher

Yesterday was busy, house work and promoting galore.
Lots and lots of little nagging chores.
Had a great morning though, yes, it’s true.
Spent with King Campbell, you’d never have guessed, would you?
We had a wonderful early morning walk, sniff…sniff… went his nose, then for good measure he licked my toes.
Then he lay in the sun under the window in his room all the morning long.
Wagged his tale every time I passed, singing my house work song.
Today he and I celebrated a special day.
Last year high blood pressure caused by illness nearly took me away.
My Campbell, my Bubba he stayed by my side.
Licking my tears away each time I cried.
Through hospital stay and nursing therapy too he stayed right with me strong and true.
So, this morning up early we did get.
A picnic on our back deck we had before the sun could get hot and burn our necks.
We shared a bit of apple banana and just a smidgen of cheese.
Just enough to let him taste just enough to please.
We snuggled we sang we enjoyed ourselves big big.
Even in the dirt during our walk he did dig.
Now, here we are on what has turned into a pretty day, the rain it has despite the weatherman’s forecast so far stayed away.
So, I’ll end our little tale, because outside King Campbell’s asking to go so he can sniff, snuff, and smell.
Have a great everyone and make sure to say, in the comment section what your blessing is today.
We missed yesterday yes that’s true, but now we’ve caught back up for you.
Until next time this is Patty and King Campbell A.K.A Bubba saying…
May harmony find you and blessid be.

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