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Not All Skill Levels Are Alike

I cannot tell you how frustrated I am at this moment. Not having my beloved Laptop has hampered me in ways I did not imagine. Not everyone is as skilled as others are on phones, tablets and IPads so it … Continue reading

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Are old ways better than new? Are new ways better than old? A question for the ages and continuing. This has been a conversation since beginning of time. When I was young, I rolled my eyes, and laughed behind my … Continue reading

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Wanted Summer Companion Simply a Friend

Wanted. Someone looking to turn loose of all preconceived notions and ideas of that perfect someone. Someone who is not afraid of someone who is multiply disabled. Someone who likes dogs and doesn’t mind being in the company of someone … Continue reading

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PATTY’S PICK: From Rainne’s Ramblings

Good morning campbellsworld visitors and bloggers everywhere. This morning I’m racing against the clock to tell you of an exciting announcement. Why, am I racing? Well, the cord to my Laptop has bitten the dust, shorted out and will no … Continue reading

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A First Book Signing

Originally posted on Magic Reviews:
My First Book Signing By Ann Harrison-Barnes Author of Maggie’s Gravy Train Adventure: An Electric Eclectic Book ? For those of you who are writers or if you love to read and wish to meet…

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Meeting My Inspiration Again

Originally posted on My Corner:
One sunny afternoon last week, I was resting in my recliner, listening to the drone of lawnmowers and whine of weeedwhackers as my landscapers did their weekly business in my yard. Suddenly, I heard a…

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The Blunt Fall Out of Poverty

The Blunt Fall Out of Poverty By Patty L. Fletcher May 29, 2018 Hello and good morning to all. Those of you who have read and followed me for a while now know that I’m quite blunt at times. I … Continue reading

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