AUTHOR’S CORNER: Spring Rain by author Abbie Johnson Taylor

Good morning campbellsworld visitors and poetry lovers everywhere.
This morning as we begin to wrap up poetry month Abbie Johnson Taylor shares with us a beautifully written poem.
If you enjoy please let her know.
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Spring Rain
Abbie Johnson Taylor

Several years ago while I was taking a poetry class, the instructor assigned us a villanelle. In this tricky form of traditional verse, two lines must be repeated in alternating stanzas and the lines that are not constantly repeated must rhyme. This will be more clear when you read the following poem, which is what I wrote during that time. It was recently published in The Weekly Avocet. You can click the link below to hear me read it.



Spring Rain

The bird likes the first day of spring.
Today, it’s brought nothing but rain.
Her heart is unable to sing.

The bird should be having a fling
to make life a bit more humane.
The bird likes the first day of spring.

It’s time for her to take wing.
Instead, she sits in the rain.
Her heart is unable to sing.

She likes everything about spring
except for the driving rain.
The bird likes the first day of spring.

She should believe in the King,
but the bird takes shelter in pain.
Her heart is unable to sing.

Life can be so inhumane.
It fills the bird’s heart with pain.
The bird likes the first day of spring,
but her heart is unable to sing.

Go to Abbie’s blog and see the original post by visiting…

PS. Patty back to say, I truly enjoyed that.
It has great meaning as I listen to the birds singing to one another this morning just after a “Spring Rain.”

More On Abbie Johnson Taylor…

Announcing a new nonfiction book:

My Ideal Partner: How I Met, Married, and Cared for the Man I Loved Despite Debilitating Odds (Copyright July 2016 / 275 pages in the print edition)
by Abbie Johnson Taylor

In September of 2005, Abbie Johnson, visually impaired, married Bill Taylor, 19 years her senior and blind. Three months later, he suffered the first of two strokes that confined him to a wheelchair. Using prose and poetry, the author tells the story of how she met, married, and then cared for Bill for six years, detailing both happy and sad times. My Ideal Partner is for sale in e-book ($3.99) and print ($11.95) from Amazon, CreateSpace, and Smashwords. More details and buying links are on the author’s website:

Abbie Johnson Taylor lives in Sheridan, Wyoming, where she writes full time. She is the author of three other published books: a romance novel and two volumes of poetry.

My Ideal Partner was edited and produced by David and Leonore Dvorkin, of Denver, Colorado. For details of their services, please see

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