BUBBA TAILS: a Successful Spring Day Out For Campbell and Me

Good afternoon campbellsworld visitors one and all.
It is a warm breezy day here in the Campbell Kingdom, and Campbell and I are feeling rather proud of ourselves, because We had a very successful day out.

Our day began with me going to the imaging center to get my EX-rays done so that we can finally discover what I’ve done to my back. I still think it is an old injury aggravated due to my fall on ice a few weeks ago, but we shall see.

When I went in I apologized for not having someone to hold Campbell while I had the images taken. I explained that due to it just being EX-rays being done I did not believe there would be a problem keeping him in the room with me.

One of the receptionists asked why I was worried about it being just me and the dog saying,
“I’ve seen you in here before. He’s so well behaved I can’t imagine it being a problem.”
I answered “Yes, we’ve been here several times before today, but I usually have someone with me. It is our first time in on our own.”

I explained that I’d called to let them know I would be coming in alone with my ‘Service Dog’ that I’d need some assistance with paper work and getting from one place to another and that whomever answered suggested I wait until I had someone with me to hold him while I was seen.

I went on to say that I simply did not have someone for that purpose any-more and that if I should need to have an MRI or similar testing done I’d probably just leave him at home.
I did not add that I had no idea how I’d navigate such a huge place without him.

As I talked a couple others who worked there had floated up to listen and catch an up-close of the “Big Beautiful Dog.”
When I finished, the ladies all agreed it had to have been a temp agency girl that told me I should have someone to hold Campbell.

They said the only problem I would ever have getting someone to let him stay in their cubical with them while I had tests done would be the fight that would ensue over who would do it.
LOL! 😊 !

Once I was signed in I was given a pager which would vibrate when it was my turn to be seen.
One of the receptionists assisted us to the seating area, and when Campbell saw where we were headed he passed her up and went to a chair.

I praised him for a job well done, settled him under my feet out of the way and began to check Facebook, and Email posts.

Soon, the little device began to jiggle, and we were back at the desk, filling out paper work and settling into the next phase of our visit.

When the paper work was done we were escorted to another area, where we waited for our turn to go back.

When the tech arrived to take me back for testing, Campbell followed her beautifully until we reached the rooms.
Seeing one we’d been in before, he started off in that direction.
The young woman assisting me patted her hip to direct me back and when I praised her for knowing to do that she explained she’d observed us in there with someone else during a previous visit and that she remembered seeing me instruct them to do it.

Praising her again I said, “You’ve no idea how wonderful it is when medical professionals know how to assist.”

The EX-Rays went without one problem. Once we’d arrived at the proper room I simply put Campbell at down and rest, dropped his leash beside his feet with it still hooked to his collar, and let the tech guide me to the proper place. Just before getting onto the table to have the images taken I reinforced Campbell’s position with another soft but firm, “Rest” accompanied by a hand signal. All I got for my trouble was a big sigh.
“Yes, mother I know. You told me already.”

When we were all through the tech said, “What a very well-behaved dog. He never moved except to watch when I touched you.”
As I followed her out to the lobby where I would call the van to go home I explained that we’d been in hospital a lot together the spring before and that Campbell was more than used to being in this setting. I went on to say that I would expect him to behave no matter where we were and that if he did not I’d know the reason why.

All in all, I’d have to say it was a very good experience, and I was able to hand out business cards to several persons along my way.

I found myself wishing for print books because I believe I could’ve sold a bunch.

we had a very comfy place to wait just inside the door. I called the van and then played on my phone while I waited. I Ended up getting to read a couple chapters of a book.

Finally, my ride arrived, and we were off to Food City where they were having a huge Bristol Race weekend sale.
BMS Bristol Motor Speedway is hosting the Nass Car race this weekend and Food City is one of their main sponsors.
So, got some great deals.

The young man who assisted us was one we’ve worked with on several previous occasions, so we were all used to one another and he remembered a lot of what I normally buy. I even got a small bottle of wine for the weekend, and it was marked all the way down to $7.99.
Happy was I! 😊 !

Once we checked out we went to wait at the bus shelter for our ride. I called the van and settled in to wait.

A few people came up to catch the public transit bus that I knew, and it was good to catch up with passengers I’d not seen in a while.

Before we knew it, our van was there, and we were climbing aboard.
I laughingly told our driver that Campbell had been rather annoyed with me when I’d let the big bus go away but that I believed all was forgiven now that she had arrived to take us home.

Back at the house, I took a few minutes in the yard to relieve Campbell letting him sniff around a bit, so he could unwind.

When we finally made it inside I took off Campbell’s leash and harness, loved him up thanking him for a job well done, while out, and for getting me home safely, began putting away groceries, making coffee, and settling us in for the afternoon.

Now, I’ve a dinner ready to come out of the oven, and a hot fresh pot of coffee made. Campbell is laying in a patch of sun with a breeze blowing in on him through an open window. What else could I want on a Friday afternoon?

Well, off to eat my dinner, read a book, and relax.
Until next time this is Patty who is relieved more than you can know to be done with the week gone by, and King Campbell Super Seeing Eye Dog A.K.A Bubba who is waiting for the next thing to happen saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be.

Campbell and I are grateful that you read our post this afternoon.
We were wondering.

Would you like to know more about how we came to be?

If so, read below…

Welcome to my Media Kit King Campbell and I are pleased to present some wondrous stories and art work to you all. Enjoy.
Bubba Tails from the Puppy Nursery at The Seeing Eye Written by Patty L. Fletcher Told by, King Campbell Lee – The Seeing Eye Dog AKA Bubba
Fall 2017
In this magical and love filled tail, King Campbell AKA Bubba travels to the puppy nursery at The Seeing Eye to help ready a group of puppies who are just about to embark on the fabulous journey of learning to become Seeing Eye dogs. Just as he is about to finish his tail, a wee pup becomes very frightened of all that lies ahead, and one frightfully stormy night she runs away! Will King Campbell hear the urgent call from the puppy nursery in time? Will they find her and save her so she can fulfill her destiny?
The use of Tail instead of Tale for story and Magik instead of Magic is intended for these short stories. A great play on words from King Campbell
Buy Link

Author Bio
Patty Lyne Fletcher in her own words (October 2017
About me and my crew
I’m a single mother with a beautiful daughter, of whom I am very proud. I have a great son-in-law and five beautiful grandchildren. Three girls, and two boys. I hope to be able to write more about them later on. I own and handle a Black Labrador from The Seeing Eye™ named Campbell Lee—a.k.a. Bubba Lee or King Campbell, to give just a couple of his nicknames.
About my blindness
I was born one and a half months premature. My blindness was caused by my being given too much oxygen in the incubator. I was partially sighted until 1991, at which time I lost my sight due to an infection after cataract surgery and high eye pressure. I used a cane for 31 years before making the change to a guide dog.
Where I live and work
Currently, I live and work in Kingsport, Tenn. I used to work for CONTACT-CONCERN of Northeast Tennessee, Inc. I left that position in order to spend time with family and pursue my writing full time.
Why I write.
I wrote Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life to tell the story of how going to The Seeing Eye™ and getting Campbell, learning to love, handle, and work him, then coming home and adding him to my life, gave me true freedom. I tell of how changing from being a 31-year cane user to being a guide dog handler taught me things about myself I had never known before. I tell of the wonderment I experienced when I finally took that chance.
A major goal of mine is to help others who find themselves in domestic violence situations. I also want to help others learn more about mental illnesses and how different situations and environments can drastically affect those with such challenges. I tell how training affected me physically as a result of the fibromyalgia I deal with, along with the side effects of the medications I take. I focus on bipolar disorder, on how it can go horribly wrong and cause a person to behave in ways they normally would not.
Another thing I have attempted to show is how, in certain institutional settings, attachments can develop—and how those attachments can become unhealthy for all concerned if they are not handled correctly. Most simply, I want others to know more about me.
In Bubba Tails From the Puppy Nursery At The Seeing Eye, it is King Campbell Super Seeing Eye Dog A.K.A Bubba’s turn to tell his tale.
While helping to ready a group of pups to go and meet their puppy raiser families, so they too, might one-day become Seeing Eye dogs, he tells of what it was like for him, to grow up and become a Seeing Eye dog.
My hobbies
My hobbies include reading, writing, music, and standup comedy. I also like nature walks, light hiking, tent camping, and fishing. No, I am not afraid to bait a hook.
Music I enjoy
My favorite types of music are classic rock, rhythm and blues, and classic country, as well as some present-day country music. I also like meditation music.
My favorite books and authors
I enjoy fantasy, science fiction, and books about the supernatural. I love the books by Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and many more. My favorite books include
Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series.
My spiritual faith
I am a spiritual walker. I claim no particular faith, either Christian or pagan. I simply know that there is God and Goddess, or Mother Father God, as some call her/him. I lean toward the natural approach, or Druidism (Druidry), as it promotes harmony and respect for all beings, including the environment. I am also very interested in herbs and their healing properties.


Campbells Rambles
Corner the Comfort Zone.
Patty & Pals
Bob Cat And Friends

A most excellent interview

My Anthology Links
December Awethology Light https://www.books2read.com/u/3yPZvB
A Treasure Chest of Children’s Tales https://www.books2read.com/u/bzaAML

Legal Notes THE SEEING EYE® and SEEING EYE® are registered trademarks of The
Seeing Eye, Inc.See: http://www.SeeingEye.org

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