Sunday Reading With the Authors: The Attorney, The Jury, and Lay Down My Sword and Shield

*Reader’s Note*
NLS (National Library Services For the Blind and Physically Handicap) Description is slightly incorrect. The witness who commits suicide was originally called by the state. The prosecuting attorney called him, and Paul hopes to dispel his claims on cross.

Also the Tennessee Library has changed its name and I love the new one.

Good Sunday morning campbellsworld visitors and Bookworms everywhere.
As you know I always save my personal Reading With the Authors posts for the weekend, so my Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing Author clients can have center stage during the week.
Last evening, I posted the following reviews onto the DB-Book Review email list located at IO Groups.
Honestly, I meant to post here as well, but Campbell asked for snuggles right after my posting to the email list, I laid down with him, and well, I never got back up.
So, here it is for your reading enjoyment.
If you do enjoy it, I hope you’ll share in some way, and that you’ll let me know.
Thanks for stopping by today and please come back soon.

Hello to all.
Here I am on a spring Saturday and it is spitting snow.
The store was crazy crowded when I went earlier today and I’m over-joyed to be home safe and warm in my recliner reviewing these books for you.

Here’s what NLS has to say about The Attorney.
Then my thoughts.

The attorney DB49308
Martini, Steve. Reading time: 12 hours, 13 minutes.
Read by Ray Foushee.

Mystery and Detective Stories
Legal Fiction

Lottery winner Jonah Hale asks attorney friend Paul Madriani for help. Jonah and his wife were raising their granddaughter, Amanda, until they angered their drug-addicted daughter, Jessica, by denying her money. Now, aided by a notorious woman, Jessica and Amanda have vanished. Strong language and some violence. Bestseller. 2000.
Download The attorney

Let me just say that this book has more twists and turns than the most crooked mountain road ever created on earth.
I would think I had it figured out then it would go off into another direction and I’d be left trying to catch up.
I am going to say that just before the end I did figure out who committed the murder, and I was saddened by the way this book ended because of all the things Paul did to be where he was and with a woman he thought he could have a life with.
I almost got mad and stopped reading the series because twice now the end has left me near tears.
The book did have a ton of plot, characters you could come to know and love, as well as root for, and even though it did not have a happily ever after ending, it was well worth the read.
This author is truly getting his feet under him, and I am totally enjoying this series.
I’ve gone through so much this week that by Thursday when I finished the Attorney I was ready for a serious distraction, and just when I thought I could not take one more thing along came The Jury, and I was lost in a world of murder, suspense, and intrigue that was such that there was nothing to do but read.
I’ve had trouble sleeping, and I have to say if you get frightened easily you might want to skip this one.
I’m serious. I’ve learned more than I ever wanted to know about Wire ties, or zip ties as some call them and have almost undone all my cables and thrown the darn things out.
GEES! Who the hell knew what they could do and how?
Scared me to pieces let me just tell you.
It was horrifying.
I mean I knew they were strong, and I knew you could get really long ones, but I never ever in my wildest imaginings thought about doing with them what was done with these.
But well, let me copy the NLS description before I get too carried away.

The jury DB52455
Martini, Steve. Reading time: 9 hours, 13 minutes.
Read by Ray Foushee.

Mystery and Detective Stories
Legal Fiction

Attorney Paul Madriani and his San Diego partner, Harry Hinds, defend David Crone, a genetic research physician accused of murdering his beautiful African American rival at the university. Their case is threatened, however, when the main witness for the defendant commits suicide. Some violence. Bestseller. 2001.
Download The jury

Let me also say the info in this book about genetics DNA and the like turned out to be helpful to me because I needed to understand some things about that subject for a book I’m writing, and I had no idea when I started reading I’d be stopping the book to take a few notes.
Turns out what I learned in that writers’ conference back in January is true and true.
Reading outside one’s comfort zone can turn into a wondrous experience.
You’re saying, “You love this how can it be out of your comfort zone?”
Well remember? When I first started the series, how this author’s writing style nearly drove me to distraction and destruction?
Well, two things.
1. He has come away from some of that.
2. I’ve come to love what he does well so that those things that nearly put me off of him no longer bother me.
I still think he does too much explanation in some of his writing. Too much “I say” and “I make a face like”
I love his ability to draw me deep into the case so that I have no choice but to finish, and I am learning with every word I read.
Am I going to read another?
Well yes, but not right now.
I’ve started another book and will review it later on once I’ve finished.
What is said book?
Lay Down my Sword and Shield by, James Lee Berk.
Here’s the NLS info to get you started.

Lay down my sword and shield DB76841
Burke, James Lee. Reading time: 8 hours, 40 minutes.
Read by Gregory Gorton.

Mystery and Detective Stories
Political Fiction

Texas attorney and former POW Hackberry Holland interrupts his congressional campaign to help a fellow Korean War vet who was convicted in a farm labor-union case. Strong language and some explicit descriptions of sex. 1971.
Download Lay down my sword and shield

Well folks that’s it for now.
Happy reading.
May harmony find you, and blessid be.

DB-Review is neither sponsored by nor endorsed by the Library of Congress or any of its divisions including the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped.

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  1. Patty says:

    Well crap!

    Once again copying a graphic did not work.

    Sometimes it does, sometimes not.

    So the name for the Tennessee Library Services For the Blind and Physically Handicap picture did not copy.

    I’ll go back and get it for us later on when I figure out how to save it so it will do what it is told.


    Love technology!



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