SUNDAY MUSE: Swallowed

They walked through the half-frozen grass, their lungs filled with the bite of the spring air the warm sun shining on their backs as they went.
The beast walked alongside her sniffing at the edges of the fence his nose making a swish swish sound, as he took in the intruder’s scent.
Cars flowed by along the surrounding streets. Sirens sounded a way off, echoing sounds of trouble in their wake.
Neighbors called to one another, while she and her beast remained invisible.
Sounds of chimes echoed in the distance, filling her with an emptiness she couldn’t define.
Even though it was now mid-morning the presence of the night’s visitor had not yet faded.
When they’d awakened she’d tried telling herself it had been a dream, but she knew deep within it had not been so at all.
The visitor had come deep in the night. His presence filling her with a terror for which she still had no words.
Now, she found she could not find her magik. It was as if when the visitor left her power had gone with him.
As she and the beast continued around the corner of the house the hollowness she felt inside grew, and soon though she wanted to walk in one direction the beast pulled in another.
“OK.” She sighed.
“Go your way. You don’t have any more choice about your life’s direction than do I. So, when you can get it you ought to have it.”
She could feel the beast’s joy as she allowed him to go as he wished, and as their walk ended for a moment his happiness filled her heart.
Then they were back indoors, and it seemed to her the house swallowed them.
It was as if when the door swung shut behind them they’d stepped into another dimension. The world they knew was beyond the walls but inside there was something off just enough that it was not the same.
The beast turned his massive head back toward the door.
Again, swish swish went his nose, but when she untethered them his wanting ceased
It was as if they knew they were different now and that soon the visitor would be back and whatever had begun would be finished.

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