Spitting Snow Saturday and Crazy Crowded In the Store

Today dawned rainy, and cold, with temps expected to drop throughout the day. That along with a forecast of sleet, and snow over-night and the knowledge that I must go out of town first of the week and have lots to take care of before hand got Campbell and I out and about.
About 1 o’clock this afternoon I called our new favorite cab company and requested a ride.
The driver told me he had a couple in front of me but that he’d put me on the list and call when he was on the way.
About an hour later he called, and after some discussion about how long I expected to be in the store, and what he had to do after he dropped me off I decided to brave the day and go with my plan to get a jump on the week ahead by getting my shopping done.
My motivator? Out of TV Dinners and beer.
Cannot be on Saturday when Reclinerville is waiting with an enjoyable book to read, so off we went.
Once at our favorite Food City Campbell and I were out of the car like a flash and making our way into the store.
I knew just as soon as we hit the door it was crazy crowded.
Campbell’s pace slowed to a crawl, and his attention went to full alert.
I did not panic, just kept my voice low and firm, making sure to give exact hand signals along with specific commands.
Soon we’d made our way to the line at the service desk, and lo and behold Campbell went to the end.
At first, I thought he’d found an obstacle and started to try to direct him around.
He however held his ground and I realized where we were.
I asked the person in front of me if this were the end of the line, and they said it was.
I praised my dog big big and waited for my turn to be served.
When I made it to the counter the young man there asked how he could help and it dawned on me that these people probably had no idea who we were.
We do not normally go in on Saturday, and I’d not given that one moment’s thought when I started out.
Well, we were in it to win it, so I simply went with the flow and told him I was there to shop and would need some assistance.
He called an assistant manager to the desk, she pulled one of her baggers off the front and away we went.
I have to say that was one of the best shopping experiences I’ve had in a very long time.
He asked me what all I needed, and we made a plan of action before starting out.
As we were chatting the assistant manager went and got a cart, and soon Campbell, our helper, and I were off.
We had to go the long way around several times to avoid congested areas, but we found everything I went in for, and a couple things I decided I wanted along the way.
He even found the correct beer, which does not always happen.
Finally, we were through and ready to check out.
Once in line we had a few minutes to wait, and we took that time to find all my necessary cards, and ID.
By the time it was our turn we were ready to check out and the process went like clockwork.
Campbell’s behavior was magnificent, and I must tell you he was pleased as could be to be out and doing all we did.
When I called the cab to come back he said he had a couple in front of me but he or his other driver would be there to pick us up as soon as was possible.
While we waited we chatted with others who were hanging out in the sitting area, I did some messenger and Facebook posts, and even found a new place for my totally talented Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing clients to guest blog should they wish it.
When the cab driver texted to say he was pulling into the parking lot I asked if he could come in and assist, he texted back to say he would and I began to gather my dog and bags, so we could make our escape.
Before I’d gotten three bags picked up out of the cart one of the staff was by my side helping me and shortly after that my driver was there taking the cart from her, and out we went.
We are home now, groceries put away, dog walked and fed, dinner in oven, and beer to hand.
It is colder than a will digger’s… and spitting snow but we do not care.
We had a most excellent time out, Campbell is now snoring on the loveseat, and my dinner only has about 10 minutes left before it is done.
It has been a fabulous day and I am happy to be able to say it is so.
Until next time this is Patty who could not believe how crazy crowded it was, and Campbell who did a most excellent job getting his mom where she needed to be saying…
Happy Saturday, may harmony find you, and blessid be.

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5 Responses to Spitting Snow Saturday and Crazy Crowded In the Store

  1. Patty, I’m so glad you had such a pleasant shopping experience on a Saturday. Have you tried Uber? We don’t have it here in Sheridan, Wyoming, where I live, but friends of mine in nearby Billings, Montana, who are blind have it, and they love it. They say it’s cheaper than a cab, and when you use the app to summon a ride, a driver is usually there in minutes. I’ll bet it’s available in KIngsport. You might want to check it out.


    • Patty says:

      We do not have it here.

      My cab ride couldn’t be much more inexpensive. $5 per trip most places unless I’m going out of my general area.

      Lyft was going to charge me $8.

      I only live about 5 minutes driving from the place I was going, and I know all the staff that run this cab company.

      Even though Kingsport is growing we continue with a small town mentality, and it is one of the reasons I remain here even though there are in some respects more “Opportunities” in larger areas.

      I get great service. The places I frequent know Campbell and me and much of the time our experiences are so very good that I feel I’d be giving up more than I’d gain by doing something different.

      It’s just like what I wrote about in Kingsport Campbell and I Need Your Help Part 3 Solutions In Progress, would I get those types of responses in a larger town? Maybe but most likely not nearly as often.

      Thanks for reading and liking my post.

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    • Patty says:

      One other thought concerning Uber, they continue to deal with discrimination issues where guide dogs are concerned.

      My cab company people ador Campbell and would probably not drive me if I left him at home. LOL!

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s true, but my friend Dar in Billings has a guide dog. When I visited her and her husband, who is also blind, before flying to Florida last month, we took an Uber four times with four different drivers, and none of the drivers had a problem with the dog. I think they’re getting better.


      • Patty says:

        I’m sure they are, and if they ever come to Kingsport I’ll try them but these cab people I’ve known for a long time. I mean a long time.

        And you cannot possibly get much cheaper than $5 a trip.

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