Patty L. Fletcher V Vocational Rehabilitation Blind Services Let the Saga Begin Part 2

Patty L. Fletcher V Vocational Rehabilitation Blind Services
Let the Saga Begin Part 2
Patty L. Fletcher

Hello again everyone.
Today I’ve got an update for you on the Patty L. Fletcher V Vocational Rehabilitation Blind Services Saga.
If you remember from my last post I have decided that I have had it with my local VR/Blind Services “counselor” and reached out to powers that are for help.
Well, it has been a journey but with some persistence, and good help along the way, I am getting some result.
As you remember from yesterday’s post, when last I left you, I’d accidentally called the state Vocational Rehab office and was sent forth to what I was told was the Regional Director and was waiting on a return call from her.
That call came this morning. Quick, right?
Well, yes, and no.
It was a quick response, but not a “correct response.
Turns out the lady I was referred to did not work for VR/Blind Services. Just VR Services, and though she did ask what my situation was, did know who I needed to speak to, and she emailed them on my behalf, she could do nothing more.
I have to say it made me feel more assured knowing I was finally on the right track.
I decided since Campbell is under the weather today I’d settle in to read and share blog posts and put out a couple Author’s Corner posts for my totally talented clients and resign myself to wait.
I did not have to wait long.
As I was getting ready to read a health column I’d been following the phone rang, and lo and behold it was the lady that I needed to speak to.
She listened very carefully to my situation from beginning to end. She asked very good questions, and I believe took some notes.
She assured me that she would find out if my transport to the E-Tach offices (still not sure of spelling) for April 10 had been scheduled, and that I’d have answers to all my questions by Wednesday of next week.
This lady was quite assured that they can and will get the ball rolling on my services and was not pleased that I’d been rolling around in the system for so long with the type of employable skills I have.
I am feeling a bit surer of myself today, and other than the fact that I’ve a sick pup, I am continuing forward, and I am hopeful that soon I will finally be on the track to solid employment.
That’s all I know for now.
Make sure to drop back in soon for more updates.
Until next time this is Patty who feels much better about things, and King Campbell A.K.A Bubba who has a tummy ache saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be.

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