Sunday Reading With the Author Undue Influence P 2

Undue Influence P 2

***Reader’s note***
The PS at the end is written to one of the DB-Book Review Email list mods responsible for getting me hooked on this series. 😊
The NLS info is in the original portion of this post found in the URL Shown below.
I’ve stayed up all this night long to finish this book.
The few quirks in this author’s writing are worth ignoring in this most thrilling and incredible book.
I’m kind of caught by surprise how this book really took off with plot, suspense, twists turns, and mystery right to the very last word.
Don’t know if I can sleep tonight due to a loose window in its frame rattling mightily in the wind, and my hyper excitement due to the enjoyment of this book.
I highly recommend this series, and I absolutely do recommend that one read it in order to get the full affect of this authors constant improvement.
Please oh please do not let me be disappointed as the series progresses. LOL!
Happy reading and blessid be.
PS. Nolan I’m gonna get you for getting me hooked on yet another series. LOL!

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