Discussing the Book Prime Witness

Hello to all.
This morning I want to talk about this book, Prime Witness.
Just so everyone knows exactly what book I’m referring to I’m copying the NLS (National Library Services For the Blind and Physically Handicap) Synopsis first.
Then my thoughts on this book, and author’s writing style.

Prime witness DB37306
Martini, Steve. Reading time: 13 hours, 1 minute.
Read by Ray Foushee.

Mystery and Detective Stories
Legal Fiction

To his wife’s dismay, Paul Madriani “Compelling Evidence (DB 34895)” agrees to fill in for his hospitalized friend Mario Feretti, district attorney in Davenport, California. Unfortunately, Feretti dies, and Madriani is stuck with a serial-killer case. Even though a suspect is quickly found, the trial is not easy. The suspect has a surprising defense attorney, and there is a possible copycat killing. Strong language and violence. Bestseller.
Downloaded: March 18, 2018
Download Prime witness

OK, first let me say that as a whole this book is good.
I truly enjoyed the way it began, and the plot and suspense factor have kept me reading.
The narration of course is awesome, and the character development is very well done.
You can get to know and care for the characters, you can despise a few, and you for sure will want to know how the case pans out.
What do I find bothersome about this author and his writing style?
The way he goes about writing dialog drives me nuts.
He spends too much time on things like, “I say” “She said” and other annoying things, and to me they seem to not even be in the right places.
His constant writing of, “I make a face like” and then describing the face messes with the way the writing flows, and all of these are things I read about in the Do not do this posts on writing of late.
Like I say these are little annoyances, that I can overlook, but they are enough that I wanted to write of them.
I still have not quite figured out the second killer here but have an idea.
I’m not saying do not read this book. I’m not saying the story is not good or that the author is horrid. I’m just annoyed by the flow of his writing at times.
This book is better than the first, so I’m wondering if he improves more as he goes along.
Oh, just one more thing, Paul’s wife? Well, I’d like to take her by the shoulders and shake her.
These women who marry lawyers, doctors, and pilots, then complain about their long working hours drive me to want to drink.
I just want to scream, “You knew what he did for a living before you married him.”
Then once she’s done griping about it and getting all over his case about it, she ends up getting involved with helping him and liking it.

Anyhow, these are of course just my opinions, and not worth much.
Happy reading, and blessid be.

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