Life Is Too Short

via Life Is Too Short

This post touched me in a big way. This past weekend and today has been filled with the most hateful things I’ve experienced in quite some-time. And all over money, from someone who professed to be a friend. Someone who has not had to struggle in many years. Somone who knows that when my bills are paid I cannot even buy food, yet they’re angry and doing things that have hurt me in ways I never dreamed. They lied, and even got one of their other friends to join in the hateful harassment. Really sad. Me? I pray for them. Why? Because they’re filled with greed hatefulness and spite. Love each other folks, cause what this blogger says is true. Life’s too short. On May 4TH last year I nearly died, and since that time I’ve lost both family and friends over things that just aren’t worth it. Read this post and feel the love this blogger has to share.

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