AUTHORS CORNER: Who Is Stephen Theberge?

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This morning I’d like to introduce a new contributor to the Author’s Corner.
Author Stephen Théberge has written a most wonderful post that will help you get to know him better.
I especially love how he talks openly about the writing of his books, one published, and one to come.
that he recognizes all types of readers, is most wonderful, and that he is always expanding his mind to new and wonderful things lets us know that his books will make fabulous reads.

I hope when you’ve read his piece you’ll keep on reading and learn all about how to find his magnificent work.
If you enjoy please let him know, and if you would press a pretty little button or two to share.
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Who Is Stephen Theberge?

As I sit here writing my sequel to my first book, I realize how very inept I am when it comes to marketing. It has been said that a good salesperson cannot be trained, but rather, is born. I am grateful for the people who have set me straight.
What I have learned is to target my audience. Actually, it is even better to widen my horizons. Initially, I was just thinking of science fiction. I do read many kinds of books. I belong to three book clubs. One is done on a chat line, one is online, and the other is actually attended in person.
I have an open mind about reading. I love classics and relish the opportunity to read new things that I might never even consider if I weren’t in book clubs. I suppose the best books I like have a theme in common. Regardless of the genre, the capturing of the basic human condition is most important. That can lead to great sorrow, or joy.
My first book, although classified as science fiction, can be read on many levels. Many of the characters in it are based on my life at Perkins School for the Blind, and I also go through my struggles in college.
The basic premise is that an alliance of two alien races that have been observing Earth since Egyptian times have many concerns for our planet. They have their own struggles. Even though they are 50,000 years ahead of us in their development, they have their own faults. One of their greatest delusions is that they feel they must be above our weaknesses. They aren’t really arrogant, but they are a little misled in their illusion of being superior.
I mention my marketing weaknesses. I can honestly say that people who have read my book, and never delved into science fiction, have loved my work. What people tell me is that is the characters are real and relatable to their lives.
My book is available in many accessible formats from Amazon, Smashwords, and Createspace. It will soon be released in audiobook format at the Perkins Library, and soon after, probably put on the BARD site.
Anyone can find all the information on my book at:
My debut on my local radio station, WARA AM 1320 is available at:


The MetSche Message

A coming-of-age science fiction novel by Stephen A. Theberge / C 2016
In e-book ($2.99) and print ($12.95) on Amazon and other online sites.
Full details, a free text preview, and buying links:
Cover design by David Dvorkin.


Andre, nearly blind, experiences years of alienation, frustration, and abiding sadness in the face of human beings’ cruelty to one another. His sources of joy are few: good food, music, computer science, and the arms of his lover, John. Only in middle age does he learn that he and a very few others have been chosen by two far superior alien races to deliver a message to all of humanity.

The story is told primarily in the form of a long account of Andre’s life: from his very earliest memories of being a visually impaired baby to the stunning visions of their planets imparted to him by the aliens, the Metans and Schegnans. Along with allowing him to view their beautiful present worlds, they show him the extremely violent past that they have evolved beyond.
Can human beings ever do the same?

Will Andre, John, and the two psychiatrists who are also privy to the aliens’ powerful message be able to convince others on Earth to listen and learn?

Readers are left to imagine their own answers to these questions. What they could never doubt are the emotion and deep humanity from which this imaginative and poignant story obviously springs.

About the Author:

Stephen A. Theberge lives in Attleboro, Massachusetts. He holds BA degrees in computer science and English literature and works for the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority as an ADA Compliance Tester.

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