LOVING EACH DAY: Isn’t It Marvalous

MARCH, 2018

Good morning campbellsworld visitors.
Over the past few days I’ve been watching someone I’d once admired slowly destroy themselves and not even know.
I reached out to this friend and tried to convince them that their attitude where receiving rejections was concerned was hurting them.
I watched as they became stuck in the belief they had no room to grow. Did not need to improve and needed no one unless there was something in it specifically for them.
I watched as their attitude became more and more snobbish until I realized I could not be around them.
The following message from Loving Each Day speaks so clearly to what we should believe when we are rejected in some way.
So, what if the magazine we submitted our article said it was not what they were looking for?
Who cares if the contest we entered did not pick us as their winner?
And, what if they wrote back and suggested things that might help us if only we’d see ourselves as still having room to grow?
Read the following message and apply it to your life.
I promise you’ll be better off for having done so.
We should, no matter how well we do, no matter how much fame we acquire never ever forget from where we’ve come.
After all, God Giveth, and God taketh away.

Isn’t it marvelous that there is no way you can lose? If you try out for an acting job and don’t get the part, it doesn’t mean that you’re not an actor or an actress. Activate the power of love for yourself and go on to the next thing. Then, no matter what the job is, you are a success. You’ll know that you’re not the role you are playing.
-John-Roger, DSS

Source: New Day Herald website

Loving Each Day is intended to uplift readers and give them pause to reflect on the Spirit within them. It is a free service of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA).

We support you. We love you. And we bless you and this beautiful day!

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