A Book Review With Grit!

The following review is by far the hardest I ever wrote.
This story did all manner of things to me in the same moment.
It provoked feelings I did not know I possessed.
I laughed, and cried.
I became angry, and when Mr. D died had Stephen King been standing in front of me I’d have slapped his face.
Never ever has a death scene made me cry in grief so hard.
This book nearly drove me quite insayne.
Before I read this book I’d have said saying I was insayne was old material, now, I say it was nothing at all like what welled up inside me as far as feelings went at all.
This book caused me to ask questions of myself I have fought asking.
This book brought forth possibilities only fantasized of by scientists for years and years.
This book did everything a book of its kind should do and more.
How to review?
I don’t know. I don’t know that I’ll ever know.
At the character Ned, I wanted to scream.
Scream at him for being selfish, bratty and inquizative.
I screamed, destroy the bastard!
I cried out, why would you let it live?
I pumped my fists into the air, and still I read.
What do I advise?
If you have never read this book, download with great haste, and read.
Then tell me that alien life does not exist.
Have you ever come across a person, place, or thing you knew in your gut was simply not right?
If you answer no I’m going to assume either a) you’re a lyre, or b) you just haven’t lived yet.
I have, and until now I dismissed it as a trick of the drunken imagination.
No longer.
What is this book?
Read below and find out.
If you read, or have read, I hope you will speak on your feelings.
If you were not moved in some way by this book, then I cry tears for you because this fascinating terrifying read was lost on you.
Here’s NLS’s info, however it is wrong.
In the very first of the book it is said that there was nothing normal about this car.
As usual the description NLS writes is lacking, but King’s writing is not.
Read on and be amazed.

From a Buick 8: a novel DB54687
King, Stephen. Reading time: 13 hours, 47 minutes.
Read by John Polk.

Suspense Fiction
Supernatural and Horror Fiction

It looked like an ordinary eight-cylinder 1954 Buick Roadmaster abandoned at a Pennsylvania gas station. But within hours, an investigating policeman has inexplicably vanished. Hoping to keep things quiet, the troopers put the car under lock and key. But it has a malevolent life of its own. Strong language and some violence. Bestseller. 2002.
Downloaded: March 10, 2018
Download From a Buick 8: a novel

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“I know that I’m alive because I can look behind me and see the wreckage of my life”
Author Unknown.

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About Patty L. Fletcher

Patty L. Fletcher lives in Kingsport Tennessee where she works full time as a Writer with the goal of bridging the great chasm which separates the disAbled from the non-disAbled. And as a Social Media Promotional Assistant. She is the owner and creator of Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing (Author, Blogger Business Assist), and is the published author of two books, Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life and Bubba Tails From the Puppy Nursery At The Seeing Eye: Volume One. She can also be found in two anthologies which are, December Awethology Light And A Treasure Chest of Children’s Tales. She is now working on her third book which is to be a memoir trilogy called, ‘Pathway To Freedom: Broken and Healed’.
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