Happy Saturday everyone!
Today is a day for continuing catch-up, a bit more cleaning, more unpacking, and reading of books.
I hope everyone is having a super great day, and if you’re not work harder to make it that way.
Happiness is a choice.
I challenge everyone to take time out for themselves.
I challenge you also to once daily turn off everything and sit or walk in silence.
I challenge you to get in touch with yourself, know yourself, and open your mind to the possibility that is within you.
I also challenge you to step outside your comfort zone.
Read outside your comfort zone.
Whatever your job is, work outside your comfort zone.
Think in a new way.
Open your mind to a new idea.
Remember, a mind once expanded by a new idea cannot return to its normal dimension.
If you’re frightened of that, I urge you even more strongly to do it.
Ask yourself, what do I fear?
Answering that question alone will open whole fields of opportunity.
If you’re always looking for comfort in or from another you are sadly losing out on knowing someone great.
Who is that someone? You.
How well do you know yourself?
Only you can answer that question.
I urge you to get hold of that wonderful person inside you.
Do not wait until you are confronted with a situation similar to mine was last spring.
If you’re constantly seeking approval from another, you are doing yourself an injustice.
If you take pleasure from no situation that only includes you, you are wasting a sizable portion of your life.
I have had to learn this the hard way, and the biggest regret I have concerning the last fifty years of my life is that I did not know this.
Now I have the next fifty years to catch up and thanks be to all that is powerful that is so.
I have since March 1ST read three books and have enjoyed them all.
I have learned something from all three and find it rather disturbing when people tell me that a book cannot change their life.
Being a close-minded person leaves you open for all sorts of hurt.
I hope something I’ve written here this day moves you to do something you’ve never done before.
Enjoy that and let me know in the comment’s section if you give it a try.
Until next time this is Patty who is walking every-day a little further into new lands, and King Campbell Lee A.K.A Bubba who is right by her side saying…
Try it, you will like it, and if you don’t you will at least know what to do never again.
May harmony find you, and blessid be

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