Good morning campbellsworld visitors One, and All.
(Please note, One and All are capitalized because my blog is all inclusive.)
I have decided I need to repost a little about myself.
Now, I do not believe in preachy or pushy, so I will let the following speak for me, and my belief system.
I do not preach; my life is meant to teach.

I am a Spiritual Walker. I believe in Mother Father Goddess God. I believe in the Holy Spirit, and know that we’re all on the same path, but that we all travel that path just a bit differently. I want to be accepted, and I will accept anyone else right where they are.
I practice magik through my writing. Through song, and I love the water. I do much magik in tub or shower, and stones are my friend. I do use candles but not often. I like to use the scented wax and warmers. I am learning about herbs, and I have created an altar. I use things like sea-shells, Rose Quartz stones, and am pretty good at Astral Travel, and Dream Walking. I am also learning the Tarot. I hope one day to get a set of real cards and have them Brailed.

I incorporate magik into every part of my life.
I wish not to push my beliefs onto another, and all I ask is to be treated with that same respect.
I have a deep respect for all faiths.

I’ve experienced Mainstream Christianity, Adventism, Mormonism, and now Paganism.

I’ve enjoyed them all and continue to grow.

When I clean my home, do laundry, or bath I am also clearing my energy field around me, and releasing all things that bother me. Whether they’re Physical, Mental, or Spiritual.
When I Cook, Walk, Write, or Grow Plants, I am drawing things to me.
I also do specific works at certain times. I focus on Healing, Releasing and Drawing, Divination, Astral Travel, and Dream Walking.
I have a seer stone and it has a groove cut into it and it is a key. That is how I began Dream Walking. (One must request permission to enter another’s dream) I Astral Travel and I am meeting quite often with a Native American Spirit Guide. I lean toward Druid and Native American Tradition, and I have just discovered quite a kinship with Hecate. I have a great closeness with Goddess Dianna thus the Spirit Name Lady MoonWalker.
I practice Calla (Not sure of spelling) That is where you sit with a glass of water. Only as much as you can drink in one go. As you hold the glass or sit it directly in front of you, you envision everything horrible about you that you believe is wrong. Whatever it is. No matter what. Everything that you dislike about yourself envision that. Send it all into that glass of water. Think of that water so dark, and sludge filled that you could turn it up-side-down and it would be so thick and nasty that you’d never get it out of that glass. No matter what you did. (You can expect some emotion with this.) Then once you have done this, you must imagine turning this water back into good clean clear drinking water. You do this by thinking of all the Awesome Magnificent Beautiful Wonderful Miraculous, things about yourself, and you draw all the Nasty Out. Replacing it with all that Awesomeness. Do this until the water is cleaner and clearer than it was to begin with. Then, give thanks and praise to your chosen Higher Power, and to yourself, and drink all that in one go! The process is complete next time you pee. You need not be Magik Minded doing this meditation, but it is a magik Meditation. I learned this while reading “Witches of America by Alex Mar.
Anyhow, that’s me.

To learn even more see:

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5 Responses to ANYHOW THAT’S ME!

  1. EOPolini says:

    Dear Patty,
    no doubt the spiritual world is real, and it can be fascinating exploring it, but, at the root of choosing what we think is the best path for us over what God has said is the best path for us is only one thing: Pride. In other words, it is simply stating we know better than God what is right.

    The pagan world accuses Christians of being intolerant and non-all-inclusive, saying we wish to push our believes on the rest, but, what is ignored is the fact love is our motive. Then the argument arises in effort to equate love with acceptance, but, it is a faulty argument because what is at stake is the salvation of souls.

    Of course, if you don’t believe the possibility of losing your soul is real, you end up rejecting true love, as it was shown to humanity in the sacrifice of JesusChrist: The blood of the only man who knew no sin was shed as ransom payment for the forgiveness of your sins. Now, as a sample of true acceptance you have received free will, and your choice is respected, but, I would be a hipocrit if I told you I love you and did not tell you the truth which can save you.

    Make no mistake, this interaction between us is really the way Jesus knocks at your hearts door, because He loves you so much He wishes to dwell in it in order to ensure your salvation. Moreover, as a sample of this selfless love, I make myself available to you, my time and knowledge are at your disposition, my only profit being the joy of knowing that if you accept the gift of life found in Christ, I will enjoy eternal fellowship with you in the Kingdom of our creator.

    In His love,


    • Patty says:

      You are allowed to believe as you do.

      You are not allowed to shove it down my throat. I am as I am and you are as you are.

      Either we agree to disagree or you be gone. Up to you.


    • Patty says:

      Edwin, I’ll ask you to take your cermon somewhere else. It is my right to believe and write as I wish. If you paid attention to what is written on this blog you’d know that I have very strong beliefs, now I say again, either we agree to disagree or you get you off the skin of my world. I cannot be any clearer than that. Now enough. Absolutely do not reply with another comment trying to change my belief system else I’ll ban you from my blog. I have absolutely every right to speak write and say what I want, and if I need to make a belliever out of you sweetie I will, now blessid be.


  2. EOPolini says:

    Dear Patty,
    I understand you have your right, and I did write your free will is respected. I also understand this is your blog and you can shot me out if you wish, but, realize it is not me you are rejecting.

    I know you have pain, and I also know the Lord JesusChrist can heal you if you let him; this is why I have spoken the truth in love. You may have tried many religions and probably will try some more in search of truth and deliverance; it will not work, because only Christ can give you what you so desire, but, you have to open your heart to Him, then He will set you free!

    In this world we are presented with blessings and curses for you to choose. If you have been granted the free will to choose by God, I don’t have the power to change it, therefore I’m not shoving anything down your throat. Go ahead and do as you wish, you can even delete this entire conversation. Meanwhile, I am praying for God-all-mighty to help you see the light.

    May you be blessed,


    • Patty says:

      1. Your constant insistence that your way is the only way is not respecting my belief. 2. The fact that I have asked you to stop and you are not shows me that you are small closed minded and rather an ass. 3. Now I’m going to ask one more time reframe from speaking on this subject further.

      I do not reject God. I believe in and worship him every-day.

      I do not reject Christ, I believe in him and worship every-day.

      I do not reject the holy spirit, but I do reject idiots like you.

      Now leave me alone, do not comment on this again.

      You are rude. Disrespectful and rather annoying.

      I won’t ask you again. You are showing your stupid put it up and leave me alone.

      I left you a messenger message and I meant what I said.

      Now knock this off.


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