*Please Note for those who have read before, this is a rewrite thus is new. *
The following work belongs to me, Patty L. Fletcher the Author, and is copy written.
It is not to be rewritten or reproduced in any manner other than to share to your blogs, or social media outlets, without my permission.

Hello campbellsworld visitors one and all.
I’m coming to you this day in need of your help.
As many know, I’ve been dabbling in the world of Paranormal Romance Science Fiction Fantasy for a while
You also know that I have previously posted, here in campbellsworld a series called, ‘A Chance Meeting a Lady MoonWalker Story’
Now, I’m in the midst of a huge rewrite, in the hopes that one day I can turn this into a complete novel.
So, how can you the reader help?
Well, I’ve completed six chapters of what is now, The Blended Lives Chronicles Book One: Sides of the Order.
I’ve decided to take a chance, post a chapter each week, and have you comment on them giving me feedback concerning things such as…
• Does the content grab and keep your attention?
• Are their plot holes? If so where, and do you have suggestions for how I might fill them?
• Are the characters well developed?
• Can you care about the characters?
• What if any characters need more development?
• If there are characters needing more detail, what sorts of things are lacking?
• Is there truly romance?
• If so is it steamy enough?
• Too steamy?
• What is fabulous about the story?
• What sucks?

Here we are with this week’s Chapter 3.
Please remember, just telling me you like it, or that you’re impressed with my work, while nice, is not totally helpful.
Read the questions, and the chapter, think about it and then give your feedback in the comment section.
Now, before I lose my nerve, here is this week’s work.
Thanks again for your help, and please pretty please? share.

*READER’S NOTE The words Blessid and Magik are spelled thus due to my belief system*

Part 3

As the convention got under way the next day, I began to make my plans to interview the staff and board members of the Blended Lives Learning Center.
I wanted to find out from each one individually what their desires were for the center’s entrance into the new Blended Lives Federation. I also wanted to gain an invitation to one of their meetings. Up until now, The Blended Lives Center board meetings were closed. Always before the press were simply given a report by the secretary after each meeting and you could be certain the information shared had been carefully edited before release. I, wanted to attend as an observing reporter, and with some light guidance from their publicist write a detailed article outlining for the public at large their goals as far as bringing the Center fully into the integration process. I wanted to make certain that all beings no matter their need were served. In short, I wanted to be able to report that Blended Lives, really did mean just that.

I wanted more than anything to reveal those who would impede this most wonderful alliance from going forward.

This was something I’d been helping to work toward bringing into existence for years. As a listed magickal single female disabled Being,
I wanted it to succeed and found myself checking and rechecking even the smallest of details.

While I packed my equipment bag, King lay stretched out on my bed, thumping his tail cheerily each time I passed.
Just as I was strapping my keyboard into place the door indicator sounded. I pressed the intercom button over the desk.

“Who is it?”

Derrick’s voice floated back.

“Just me. Wanted to see if you’d like to catch a bite of breakfast.”

Smiling I said, “Lock. Release.” And called happily “Come on in.”

When Derrick stepped through the door a moment later King leapt from the bed, launching himself full force at him.

I reached to stop him but was too late. He hit Derrick head on, but he was ready, and the big dog only succeeded in making him laugh.

He caught him by his collar, and returned him to me saying, “I won’t play with him till you give him permission. I know how you dislike disobedient behavior in your dogs.”

I was more than a bit relieved to see that Derrick would respect my boundaries where King was concerned. I had lost my first dog Titus much too early in life, and this second was more than special.

The fact that Derrick had trained first King and then King and I made the need for boundaries more important than ever.
However, I’d neglected to give him the rest command before giving Derrick permission to enter, so King’s playful behavior was to be expected.

“Down.” I commanded. “Good boy.” I praised.

“Rest.” I said, in a soft, but commanding voice, then petted and praised the big dog when he happily obeyed.

for a moment, my mind drifted back to those first days of guide dog handling, and I thought of just how far I’d come since.

Titus and I had weathered some rough seas together. Our bond had been rare, and my writings of it and how it had come to be had helped to begin a new path for all.

Since beginning the genetically enhanced Psychiatric-Dog-Guide Program with King a few years ago, I’d come further than ever before in my stability.
I worked very hard to hold King’s behavior to a high standard, without breaking his spirit in the process. The balancing act was more than precarious at times, but with my multiple disabilities as they were it was more than necessary.

My work with Titus had begun to more than prove my theory that dogs trained to guide could provide other services while doing so.

King, was one of the first genetically highbred professionally Multi-trained dogs of his kind, and I wanted no mistakes.

I had gotten the attention of several well-seasoned trainers and geneticists with the articles I’d written about the things that Titus and I did together in our everyday lives. I’d written of how I’d brought him home from Dog Guide school and customized him into my world in a whole new and unique way.
He’d handled all the turmoil in my life during and after my time with Jack, and when trainers and geneticists finally started asking questions, I’d been more than happy to answer.

When it had become absolutely evident that Titus really was capable of reading and handling the various emotions my mood disorder presented him with each day, the geneticists had begun to wonder if there were a way to make it, so dogs could be highbred into being able to connect on a higher level than the average human dog bond.
Then, when I’d suggested that they mix human and dog genes together to create a breed like none other, they’d asked if I’d help.

It had been my dream for Titus to bridge those first gaps. He and I had just begun working on connecting mentally, but the virus he’d contracted when traveling with me to a school on the outskirts of Casimia five years ago had cut his work short, and he was now living the life of a true dignitary in the Blended Lives learning center Preschool. He more than loved his work with the children there, and the relaxed atmosphere met his every need.

Hard as it had been for me to turn him over to them it had been the best decision for all.

Now as I stood settling my pack over my shoulders Derrick asked, Casimian sunstone for your thoughts my lady?”

Just meandering down memory lane.” I laughed

“Busy day ahead?”

“Packed to the gills. I plan to talk to every possible staff and board member of The Blended Lives Center I can, and if you’re going to buy me breakfast, I’ll just begin with you.”

I smiled as I wove a flow of air, and floated King’s harness over to me from its hook on the door.
“Nothing like starting near the top. Maybe you’ll introduce me to Randle Jennings.”

He took a breath to collect his thoughts, watching as she slipped the harness over the big dog’s head. A moment of silence stretching between them as he drank her in. She was dressed in a dark navy-blue pants suit that had obviously been tailored to her specifications. The dark shimmering material was beautiful. sculpted to fit her perfectly with just enough give to accommodate her needs as a dog handler. It’s many pockets gave her a look of organization, while the matching blue, and white swirled lace at her wrists ankles, and round the perfectly cut neckline gave her the look of a confident and successful magazine owner.

Once again, he found himself caught off guard by the clear confidence radiating from her eyes.

His nostrils flared hungrily for a moment, and his heartbeat quickened ever so slightly as he caught her scent. He cleared his throat and said, “You look nice, and very well prepared.”

“Thank you very much. I plan to succeed this time Derrick, in every way possible. I lost allot over the years, but in doing so I gained a real opportunity to make something of myself, and my writing career.”

Swinging my thickly braided hair over my shoulder, and taking King’s leash in my hand, I said… “Heel! King!” as Derrick gently folded his hand over mine. A Moment Later, we walked out the door together, allowing it to swing shut as we passed through.

The darkly hooded figure stood just out of sight at the end of the hall. He made not a sound, not even so much as a whispered breath passed between his lips.
Not one motion not even an involuntary reflex did he allow. He’d just barely gotten into place before Gibbous had come out of the elevator. He could not allow him to see him. His disguise was good, but he wasn’t at all sure it would fool the man up close.

Derrick Gibbous was allot of things, most of them things he hated, but one thing he was not was nonobservant. He noticed everything, and left nothing to chance when he wanted something, and on this morning, he’d looked like a man that wanted plenty.

There could be no mistakes. He wanted to know absolutely what these two did while they were together, and just exactly what the one knew of the other. He knew that he needed to know the enemy more than ever before if he wanted complete success.

His goal? By the end of this Blended Lives convention, and weekend’s Witches Ball, to put an end once and for all to Laya MoonWalker, and Derrick Gibbous’ s reunion and renewed friendship. That simply could not be allowed to continue in any way. If they did resolve their issues with one another, and each one did truly come clean, the damage to all he’d worked for thus far would be huge! He could not! Allow such!

As the two-walked hand and hand down the hall together with the big cream-colored Lab Cross walking at attention by the young woman’s side, he slid quietly in step behind them.

A few moments later when he stepped away allowing the three to go into the elevator without him he breathed a sigh of relief. By weaving flows of fire, and air, he’d managed to work a complete knowing, and had attached it to them before their walking away.

Although the big dog’s ears had pricked backward in his direction a couple of times, neither Laya nor Derrick noticed a thing.

Now no matter where they were he would know their location, and their emotions. Even if they were a large distance apart, he would be able to hear their conversations.

He was more than determined to take care of this problem now, rather than let it play itself to its full potential. He’d worked too long, and too hard to allow them to slip through his grasp. He might never get another chance this good to have them both together, and on the same link so strongly. Right now, all their predatory and sexual instincts were full tilt, and he wanted to draw on every bit of that. It would in the end be their downfall, and he would be alive to witness their final destruction.

As we settled into a booth in the Breakfast Nook Lounge I began to quietly work a word of knowing round the room. I wanted to get a fix on at least two council members for the Blended Lives Federation, and at least two staff for the Blended Lives Learning Center. I absolutely did not want this chance I’d been so very generously given to slip through my fingers.

It made me very nervous to be given such a reign of freedom to work with by their CEO. I’d not at all been prepared for the call back in early August inviting me to this event, and I’d certainly not been ready for their answers, nor, the request made when I asked why they were suddenly willing to have me work directly with them for the greater good.

Now, as Derrick poured the steaming hot coffee into my mug, and tea into his, I sighed.

Stirring in cream, I thought of all the long hours I’d put in, getting ready for this opportunity that could if handled right, lead to stepping up the ladder.
I so very badly wanted this to go right. I wanted to once and for all be on what I felt was the right side. I wanted no more tension between Derrick and myself, yet I knew that talking about the truth of it all would indeed be a challenging task. The fact that he’d met me as much my way as I’d asked thus far had all my alarms ringing, but somehow, I was managing to keep them all dialed back to a reasonable yet somewhat urgent level.

Derrick’s voice floated to me then… “Casimia to Korponious!”

I jumped despite myself.

He laughingly reached across the table and gently took my hand.

“Listen sweet heart, ask your questions. Do an interview. Despite of all that has gone on, I stand by my teaching. I cannot honestly think of anything you could ask that would be that hard to answer. It isn’t like we have shadowy figures lurking round every board room just waiting to destroy us.”

As he spoke a shiver suddenly ran through me, and my fingers dropped nerveless from his hand. For a moment neither of us spoke, then with a smile, he lifted his steaming mug saying gently, “On my Honor nothing but the truth my lady.”

I took a breath to calm myself and said, “How about we have breakfast first? Then if you’ve time, I’ll do an interview. I do have questions, but I’m starving.”

Derrick signaled the server, and soon we were brought huge platters piled high with scrambled Casimian duck eggs, covered in melting cheddar cheese onions and hot peppers, buttered whole-wheat toast, and roasted sausages.

I dug in with delight, and as we ate we became lost in happy conversation.

We spent time just catching up, and then just as the server was clearing away the dishes, and I was bringing out my Speak and Go Derrick’s communicator went off.

I listened with unmasked interest as he talked.

“I’m having breakfast, can this wait?”
The irritation in his voice was more than evident.
“Fine, I’ll be right there. It looks like you could keep these rebel vampires under control and get along without me for one morning.”

Before the caller could respond he tapped off.

“I’m sorry. Duty calls. The Order has called an emergency meeting. Apparently, some idiot vamp has gone off on their own and created an off-shoot. Just what we need with things being so new, and still unsettled. Can I drop you somewhere?”

“I’m taking a hover-craft bus to the Federation building, but I’ve a feeling you’re not going in that direction.”

“I’ll walk you to the docking station, then I must be on my way. Can we have an early dinner?”

Smiling as I collected my snoozing dog from under the table I said, “Absolutely! You didn’t think you were gonna get out of an interview that easily did you?”

Arm in arm we walked laughing together to the nearest docking station. Just as he reached for a hug an uncontrollable shiver passed through me, my eyes widened in alarm and unable to stop myself I stepped back.

“What?” Derrick asked, looking into my eyes.

“I don’t know. I felt, well, like someone was watching us.”

He laughed, “Of course someone’s watching us. We’re the talk of the planet.”

And with a final kiss, he was gone.

To Be Continued

Want to read the book that inspired it all?
Read below.

Bubba Tails Media Kit
Welcome to my Media Kit King Campbell and I are pleased to present some wondrous stories and art work to you all. Enjoy.
Bubba Tails from the Puppy Nursery at The Seeing Eye Written by Patty L. Fletcher Told by, King Campbell Lee – The Seeing Eye Dog AKA Bubba
Fall 2017
In this magical and love filled tail, King Campbell AKA Bubba travels to the puppy nursery at The Seeing Eye to help ready a group of puppies who are just about to embark on the fabulous journey of learning to become Seeing Eye dogs. Just as he is about to finish his tail, a wee pup becomes very frightened of all that lies ahead, and one frightfully stormy night she runs away! Will King Campbell hear the urgent call from the puppy nursery in time? Will they find her and save her so she can fulfill her destiny?
The use of Tail instead of Tale for story and Magik instead of Magic is intended for these short stories. A great play on words from King Campbell
Buy Link

Author Bio
Patty Lyne Fletcher in her own words (October 2017
About me and my crew
I’m a single mother with a beautiful daughter, of whom I am very proud. I have a great son-in-law and five beautiful grandchildren. Three girls, and two boys. I hope to be able to write more about them later on. I own and handle a Black Labrador from The Seeing Eye™ named Campbell Lee—a.k.a. Bubba Lee or King Campbell, to give just a couple of his nicknames.
About my blindness
I was born one and a half months premature. My blindness was caused by my being given too much oxygen in the incubator. I was partially sighted until 1991, at which time I lost my sight due to an infection after cataract surgery and high eye pressure. I used a cane for 31 years before making the change to a guide dog.
Where I live and work
Currently, I live and work in Kingsport, Tenn. I used to work for CONTACT-CONCERN of Northeast Tennessee, Inc. I left that position in order to spend time with family and pursue my writing full time.
Why I write.
I wrote Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life to tell the story of how going to The Seeing Eye™ and getting Campbell, learning to love, handle, and work him, then coming home and adding him to my life, gave me true freedom. I tell of how changing from being a 31-year cane user to being a guide dog handler taught me things about myself I had never known before. I tell of the wonderment I experienced when I finally took that chance.
A major goal of mine is to help others who find themselves in domestic violence situations. I also want to help others learn more about mental illnesses and how different situations and environments can drastically affect those with such challenges. I tell how training affected me physically as a result of the fibromyalgia I deal with, along with the side effects of the medications I take. I focus on bipolar disorder, on how it can go horribly wrong and cause a person to behave in ways they normally would not.
Another thing I have attempted to show is how, in certain institutional settings, attachments can develop—and how those attachments can become unhealthy for all concerned if they are not handled correctly. Most simply, I want others to know more about me.
In Bubba Tails From the Puppy Nursery At The Seeing Eye, it is King Campbell Super Seeing Eye Dog A.K.A Bubba’s turn to tell his tale.
While helping to ready a group of pups to go and meet their puppy raiser families, so they too, might one-day become Seeing Eye dogs, he tells of what it was like for him, to grow up and become a Seeing Eye dog.
My hobbies
My hobbies include reading, writing, music, and standup comedy. I also like nature walks, light hiking, tent camping, and fishing. No, I am not afraid to bait a hook.
Music I enjoy
My favorite types of music are classic rock, rhythm and blues, and classic country, as well as some present-day country music. I also like meditation music.
My favorite books and authors
I enjoy fantasy, science fiction, and books about the supernatural. I love the books by Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and many more. My favorite books include
Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series.
My spiritual faith
I am a spiritual walker. I claim no particular faith, either Christian or pagan. I simply know that there is God and Goddess, or Mother Father God, as some call her/him. I lean toward the natural approach, or Druidism (Druidry), as it promotes harmony and respect for all beings, including the environment. I am also very interested in herbs and their healing properties.
Campbells Rambles
Corner the Comfort Zone.
Patty & Pals
Bob Cat And Friends
My Anthology Links
December Awethology Light
A Treasure Chest of Children’s Tales

Legal Notes THE SEEING EYE® and SEEING EYE® are registered trademarks of The
Seeing Eye, Inc.See:

About Patty L. Fletcher

About Patty October 2021 Patty and her guide dog Blue. Patty has her hair tied back in a low ponytail and rests her right hand on Blue's head. She wears a white shirt with a pink and purple butterfly on the front and light blue shorts. Blue is a handsome black lab. He wears a brown leather harness with a handle attached to the back and is smiling at the camera as he sits in front of Patty. In the background is a brick building with white, windowed doors and a flowerpot overflowing with pink and yellow blooms. Updated – October 2021 Patty Fletcher is a single mother with a beautiful daughter, of whom she is enormously proud. She has a great son-in-law and six beautiful grandchildren. From April 2011 through September 2020, she owned and handled a black Labrador from The Seeing Eye® named King Campbell Lee Fletcher A.K.A. Bubba. Sadly, after a long battle with illness on September 24, 2020, King Campbell went to the Rainbow Bridge where all is peace and love. In July 2021, she returned to The Seeing Eye® and was paired with a Black Labrador Golden Retriever cross named Blue. PATTY’S BLINDNESS… Patty was born one and a half months premature. Her blindness was caused by her being given too much oxygen in the incubator. She was partially sighted until 1991, at which time she lost her sight due to an infection after cataract surgery and high eye pressure. She used a cane for 31 years before making the change to a guide dog. WHERE SHE LIVES AND WORKS… Currently, Patty lives and works in Kingsport, Tenn. She’s the creator and owner of Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing (Author, Blogger, Business Assist), The Writer’s Grapevine Online Magazine and the creator and host of the Talk to Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing Podcast. WRITING GOAL… Patty writes with the goal of bridging the great chasm which separates the disabled from the non-disabled. HOBBIES… Patty’s hobbies include reading, music, and attending book clubs via Zoom. FAVORITE TUNES… Some of her favorite types of tunes are classic rock, rhythm and blues, and classic country. FAVORITE READS… Patty enjoys fantasy, science fiction, and books about the supernatural. She loves books by Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Norah Roberts, and many more. Some favorite books include Norah Roberts’ Hide Away, Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings series. SPIRITUAL FAITH… Patty describes herself as a spiritual Walker. She says she knows both Mother Goddess and Father God and embraces all they have to offer. CONTACT… Email: Visit: And: As well as:
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