Good morning everyone.
This morning I want to talk to you just a moment or so about mental illness, and being responsible for it, if you suffer from it.
First, my advice is, do not allow a primary doctor to prescribe your Psychiatric medications without having at the very least, a clinical psychologist on board as well.
Primary doctors do not have enough training in psychiatric medications to do a very good job at treating mental illness.
They get a rotation or two on a psych unit, and study a few chapters on it in school, and they move onto something else.
A psychiatrist or clinical psychologist, studies much more thoroughly the subject of psychiatric medications, the mind, and what meds do for that mind than does a primary doctor.
Secondly, if, you are taking a medication, that does not seem to be working, get to a doctor, and if you have no psychiatric doctor, get to the nearest crisis center or hospital emergency room, ask for a psychiatric evaluation, and go into a five or ten-day program to straighten out your meds.
Be responsible for your illness.
Most people, who have things like high blood pressure, blood sugar problems, and the like, treat their illnesses and do a good job.
Mentally ill people tend to put things off, deny there’s an issue, and this, is the biggest reason that mentally ill people are frowned down on, looked on as people who are troublesome, and that the stigma still exists.
Why do I write these things?
Because I’ve lived them.
Those of you who have known me for a while, will remember that in the summer of 2015 I went to the ER on my own, sought out help, and although the entire process of seeking psychiatric help took 16 hours from admit into the ER to admit into the CSU (Crisis Stabilization Unit)
I did get help, and other than brief bouts of depression or mania, I have remained major episode free ever since.
Does this mean I won’t have another? No.
Does this mean I have let my meds laps, have stopped seeing my doctor and therapists? No.
What it means folks is that I have decided I am going to be as well as I can be for the rest of my life.
What it means is that I am taking one-hundred percent responsibility for myself, my meds, and my condition.
What it means is that it is time for everyone else to do the same.
No matter how hard it is, no matter what you have to do, no matter the fact that our country does not see fit to take mental illness seriously and make it a priority of health care, you, can get help, and it is your responsibility to do it.
I do not agree with the law that requires someone to be a danger to themselves or others to hold them for a 72-hour evaluation. I know too many people who will lie and say they’re fine when they are not.
I believe when someone puts things on their social media pages that talk about things like planning mass shootings, and all these things people say they’ve seen after the fact of an event such as these school shootings, or Pulse, and the like there friends or family ought to be able to have them held for an evaluation, and I believe that after that evaluation if the doctors have found them to be dangerous I believe they should be able to be held for 30 days and re-evaluated again.
I believe when someone is constantly violent toward their partner or friends they should be held.
I believe that our country is too damned politically correct, and it’s time to stop this madness.
Well, there’s my rant for the day.
This is Patty who is taking all of her medications, and being compliant with all treatment, and King Campbell A.K.A Bubba who goes with her and sees it done each time it is needed saying…
Be well, may harmony find you, and blessed be.

PS. This will be posted several places. I ask you, be a good friend to those who are mentally ill, do not pretend to understand when you have never been there, and do not ignore your friends and family when they show signs of great changes.
If their personality suddenly changes, ask them if they’re having a problem. You will not put ideas in their head, and it will hurt their feelings a whole lot less if you do that, rather than brushing them off like unwanted dog hair.
Again, be well, and blessed be.

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2 Responses to BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR MENTAL ILLNESS: Please Share This Important Post

  1. barncorn says:

    You point out a lot of good advice.


    • Patty says:

      Hello my friend.

      Thanks for reading.

      I hope you’ll consider scrolling down passed the ad, and sharing it to your FB page.

      Just click the link that says Facebook under the share button thingy, and you’re off and running.

      Have a most excellent day and make sure to be good to yourself.

      Also check out my latest post, Authors, They’re Only Human.

      Talk soon.


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