Super Soggy Saturday Barking Bubba and the Day Off That Wasn’t

Hello campbellsworld visitors.
I hope this Soggy Saturday finds you dry, safe, and warm.
Here it has been one more day. The rain has poured, I have heard thunder a couple of times and my dog who never has anything to say suddenly found his voice box and stood on the back deck barking right alongside the rest of the neighborhood dogs.
I gave him time to introduce himself and catch up on the Twilight Bark, and then I promptly cut his communication with a very stern “PFUI Knock! That! Off!” I do not at all want him getting into the habit, and we shall stop that “right here and now. Woolf!”
(Oh! Did I say that?)
As if that weren’t enough, my computer has been down half the day, and after two times of calling into the Microsoft Accessibility Hotline I finally got it fixed.
It would not have taken a second call had the first Customer Service REP had a) known how to speak the language of the country of the company for which she works, and b) had known what the heck she was doing.
First, she totally misunderstood my complaint, and had to have it repeated not once, not twice, but three-times. Then, she skipped the first two steps needed to do the remote assist connect.
Folks, not to get onto a rant about it, and let me assure you I am perfectly OK with folks from other countries “LEGALLY” living and working here, but by all the Gods that are, ever have been or ever will be, if someone is going to work on a phoneline, they darn well ought to know the language.
After having no success with her, I promptly hung up, after wishing her a lovely day, called back, and got a very polite, easy to understand, and quite knowledgeable young man who very efficiently and correctly fixed the problem, explained how it happened, and helped to put things in place so it would not happen again.
Finally, things began to settle a bit, and after taking Campbell, who had way! Too! Much! Pent-up energy for a walk, dodging the raindrops as we went, I began to get hungry.
So, I started cooking. I haven’t had the urge to cook in so long that the past week has been rather strange.
I absolutely love my roomy kitchen with all its new appliances.
Today I put together a very nice macaroni salad, and made oven-baked cheese burgers, and enjoyed it immensely.
The only trouble was, that when it got hot from running the oven, and I propped the back door open again to let out the heat, Big Bad Barking Bubba went back outside to have another round of conversation.
“Woolf! Woolf! W’w’w’w’w’w’w’w’woolf!”
“Bubba! Hush!”
W’w’w’w’w’w’w’w’w’w’woolf! W’w’w’w’w’w’w’w’w’w’w’w’woolf!”
He ended up being sent to his room for his trouble.
While I do not mind an occasional bark of hello to another dog, or passing person, rapid fire barking is not to be tolerated, and if he does it again he is going to be grounded from the deck.
Of course, now, he is sleeping like the angel he is, and has for the time being put away his devilish horns.
So, I shall leave you and go and enjoy my wine and the end of my current read.
I am loving quite muchly “At the Mountains of Madness and Other Novels” by, H P Lovecraft.
It took me a day or two to get used to his writing style, but it has been an absolute enjoyable time getting to know this most magnificent author, and I am only sorry it has taken me so long to pick up one of his books.
I can assure you there shall be more.
Until next time this is Patty, who is exhausted from her “Day Off” and King Campbell A.K.A Bubba who has discovered his bark box, and best put it away again saying…
May harmony find you, blessid be.

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