Hello to all!
This is Patty and King Campbell reporting in from the Tennessee Mountain Writers Jumpstart Conference.
We hope this message finds you well, and that the weather is not too bad where you are.
Here in Morristown Tennessee we’ve a bit of all precipitation. Lots of wind, and cold.
Campbell and I are having a blast.
First off, it turns out that I was right to have chosen the type of transportation to the conference that I did.
I have learned that had I taken the hound whatever I may have saved by buying a bus ticket, I’d have spent in transportation to the hotel.
The bus station is on the other end of town, so it would’ve taken any savings to have gotten here from there.
Once at the hotel, the staff began to show their worth.
It is very evident that they have had training as to how to work with disabled persons.
When we pulled up to the door, they sent someone immediately out to assist with bags, and when I was checked in someone carried my things to my room, showed me where everything was, and assisted me to a place to relieve Campbell.
It was absolutely pouring rain, but it did not seem to faze the man helping me at all.
He was more interested in learning about where Campbell came from, than worrying about the rain.
After we were back in our room, and I’d unpacked, I was ready for a glass of my wine.
I’d brought a tiny plastic wine glass someone gave me a few years back with wine in it from a convenience store, that I’d kept, and it was just the perfect size.
Then the others began to arrive and soon we were all getting to know one another, and when we met in the hospitality suet later there was wine there too, and how glad I was that I’d only drank the tiny glass full earlier, so I could have a glass with my new writerly friends.
While we were getting to know one another, Campbell was taking a snooze in a near-by chair.
I’d removed his harness to allow for much petting, and once that was done, he asked very politely by putting one paw up onto the arm of the chair beside me, and once I’d gotten the OK from our leader, I allowed him in.
He curled up and immediately began to snore.
LOUD! ! !
Finally, everyone who was going to dinner was there, and we set out.
The weather had turned horrid by then, with high winds, and what looked like rain that wanted to freeze, and we hurried across the way to the warmth of the Cracker Barrel.
I had meat-loaf, Mac-and-cheese, green-beans, corn and sweet tea.
(Yes Yankees we put sugar in our tea here in the south!) LOL!
Just as we were about to go pay, one of our table mates offered to treat, and though we tried to argue her down, she was not having it.
Soon we were braving the cold, and after Campbell made a pit-stop for the night we flew inside and to our rooms.
Now, here I am snug as a bug in a rug, with Campbell snoozing on one of the beds.
I’m about to put together things for tomorrow and hit the bed.
Thanks to all of you for all your continuing support.
I’ll be handing out my clients’ info when appropriate as we go throughout the day tomorrow, and I hope to represent them to the best of my ability.
There are a lot of poetry people here as well, and I made them all laugh when I said, “I am not a poet and I absolutely know it.”
Just not my thing, but I am excited about getting to hear the fiction writer tomorrow.
I understand much of what we will be doing will be interactive, so I am totally psyched.
Everyone take care, and I’ll update again when I am able.
This is Patty, who is way excited to be at her first ever writers’ conference, and King Campbell Lee A.K.A Bubba who says, “Gees it’s a lot of work to get mom to one of these things.” Saying…
Thanks to all who helped make it possible for us to be here.
May harmony find you, and blessid be.

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  1. Patty, ⠠⠊⠄⠍ so glad you were able to go to the conference after all. Believe me, it’ll be worth the effort.


    • Patty says:

      Oh, I’m already finding it so.

      Last evening as we all sat round getting to know one another I began to realize just how badly I’d wanted, and needed people who are likeminded to talk with.

      I love my fellow online writers, but there’s nothing like sitting together sharing knowledge, ideas, trials, and triumphs.

      Today our classes will be interactive, and one of our activities will be to take prompts given to us by the speaker, and write from their inspirations. Then we will share them with the rest of the group.

      Now, I’m sure to some who have been doing this a while, that may sound like no big deal, but to me it is kind of like when I went to get Campbell. Everything is a WOW! Moment.

      Everyone has been so kind and helpful, and the hotel staff, well, they are absolutely amazing. Never before have I been treated so well in a hotel.

      I thank you much for reading and commenting.

      This has been a rather amazing week.

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