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I know that it is almost Christmas, but who doesn’t like a scary story in front of the fire with the flames making huge, scary, shadows on the walls?
Well, just in case you’re one of those people who does like a scary story this time of year, Author Wanda Luthman has provided one just for you.
Enjoy, and make certain to read onward after the story is through, to learn all about Wanda’s most awesome Award-winning books.

The belfry clock struck the first chime of twelve. The twin sister witches looked at each other.
Esmerelda was the first to speak, “We have to hurry, Wanda, or we won’t see tomorrow. You know what Mama Witch told us before we left?”
Wanda gulped. “Yes, let’s go!”
They ran towards their house in Haunted Heights. Wanda spilled her Halloween candy on the ground when she tripped.
“Come on, Ezzy, help me pick this up!”
“We don’t have time. Leave it,” Esmerelda screeched.
“No, I worked hard for all this delicious candy. Help me now!” Wanda demanded as she reached for the candy bars with her chubby fingers. Esmerelda gave in and soon they were on their way again.
The clock bonged two and three ominously. They were out of breath as they reached the gate. The green monster stood guard.
“What are the magic words for me to open the gate?” he said halting and slow.
The fourth chime rung out.
Esmerelda said, “Abra cadabra.”
“There’s more,” said the monster as the fifth bell rung.
Wanda piped up, “Don’t let the boogie man nab ya.”
“Very good, please enter,” the monster said and slowly opened the creaky gate as the sixth bell rung.
The girls began up the 1200 stairs to the top of the mountain. Wanda lost her black high heel half way up. The seventh bell chimed.
“Leave it and I mean it,” Esmerelda commanded.
“I know,” Wanda retorted.
The girls were running and out of breath but reached the top after the eight chime rang.
“Oh no, we’re going to be late. The curse will come true if we’re not in bed by the last chime,” Esmerelda said.
“I don’t want to be cursed forever,” whined Wanda as she stepped on Spooky the black cat.
“Ye-owwwww,” the cat squealed as he ran away.
“Don’t you stop to apologize, Wanda. We have to get inside,” Esmerelda said.
“I know,” Wanda said. Then, she whispered, “Sorry, Spooky.”
“I heard that,” Esmerelda said as the ninth chime rang out.
The large double wooden doors stood between them and a curse-free life.
The door knocker said, “What are the words to enter?”
“I don’t know. Mother changed them this morning. I don’t remember, do you, Wanda?” Esmerelda asked.
Wanda felt a chill up her spine as the opaque ghost flittered past her.
“I think it’s, don’t be late or you’ll be gator bait,” Wanda said.
The tenth chime sounded.
“I got it, if you don’t return by midnight, you’ll soon be out of sight,” Esmerelda said.
The door slowly swung on its’ ancient hinges. In the two flew. The skeleton in the closet rattled its’ bones and said, “You’re late!”
“We know, Bones. Don’t tell Mama,” they said in unison as the eleventh bell chimed.
Up the stairs they ran throwing off their pointy hats, tugging off their black dresses, and squirming out of their stockings. They jumped into the pj’s and into their beds as the clock struck twelve midnight.
“I think we made it,” Wanda said.
“I think so, but we’ll know for sure in the morning,” Esmerelda replied.
They fell fast asleep.
Esmerelda awoke from her deep slumber.
“What’s the matter, Wanda?” she asked groggily.
“I….I….I’m not real anymore,” Wanda stuttered.
Esmerelda looked down at her hands. She saw the bedspread where her hands should be.
“Nooooo,” Esmerelda screamed as she jumped out of bed and ran to the mirror beside Wanda.
“We’ve disappeared. We’re out of sight, just like the curse said,” Wanda whimpered.
“It can’t be. We were home and in bed before midnight,” Esmerelda said.
“Don’t be so sure,” a familiar voice said behind them.
They turned around and it was their Mama Witch,
“What?” Esmerelda asked.
“Last night was Halloween, right?” Mama Witch asked.
“Yes,” they said.
“That’s the night of all kinds of tricks. You didn’t count the bells correctly. There were thirteen chimes,” Mama Witch explained.
“No, that’s a terrible trick,” Wanda’s voice quivered.
“Trick or treat. You should have come home before midnight,” Mama Witch wagged her finger at the girls.
“We’re sorry, Mama. Please. Can’t you do something?” Esmerelda asked.
“Well….I might be able to,” Mama Witch said.
“Pretty please,” Wanda begged.
“Okay, stand still. Witches and Wands. Curse Be Gone,” Mama Witch said as she waved her arms over her head.
POOF a puff of smoke appeared in front of them.
They checked their arms. They checked each other. They were back to normal.
“Thank you, Mama,” they said as they turned back towards her. But she was gone.
Esmerelda jumped. “What’s wrong, Wanda?”
“I’m not real,” Wanda said.
“Noooo,” Esmerelda said and jumped out of bed.
The girls stood in front of the mirror.
“I thought Mom undid the curse,” Esmerelda said.
“Me too,” Wanda replied.
“You dreamed that too?” Esmerelda asked.
“The dream where we weren’t real and there were thirteen bells and then Mama Witch undid the curse? Yes, I did,” Wanda said.
Then, they heard a familiar voice behind them.
“Wanda. Esmerelda. Where are you two? I see your bags of candy. Did you have fun last night trick or treating?” their “real” Mom asked.
“Mom, Mom, we’re over here?” they cried as they jumped up and down and waved their arms.
“Now don’t play hide and seek with me this morning. I’m making your favorite pancakes. So, hurry on down or they’ll be out of sight,” their Mom said.
They looked at each other.

More about Wanda

About the Author’s Books

Wanda Luthman published her first children’s book, The Lilac Princess, in 2014 about forgiveness. Next, came her wonderful tale of Tad, in A Turtles Magical Adventure published, March 2016 about self-acceptance. In August 2016, she debuted Little Birdie Grows Up which is her first picture book which exemplifies perseverance. In May 2017, she published Gloria and the Unicorn about a special needs child and empowerment. Most recently in October 2017, she published her second picture book, Franky the Finicky Flamingo which depicts a flamingo as a picky eater until he discovers the food that is right for him.


Wanda Luthman has her Masters of Arts in both Mental Health Counseling and Guidance Counseling from Rollins College located in beautiful Winter Park, Florida. She has worked as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Adjunct Professor, and Hospice Counselor for teens. She’s currently a Guidance Counselor at a local High School. She is an award-winning, best-selling, international author who has self-published 5 children’s books (The Lilac Princess, A Turtle’s Magical Adventure, Gloria and the Unicorn, Little Birdie, and Franky the Finicky Flamingo). She belongs to the National Pen Women Organization in Cape Canaveral; the Florida’s Writers Association; Space Coast Authors; and Brevard Authors Forum. She presently resides in Brevard County Florida with her husband of 22 years and 2 dogs. Her daughter is away at college, like Little Birdie, she has left the nest. To download a free ebook, visit Wanda Luthman’s website at and follow her on Facebook at

From the Author
“I want to inspire young children to be the best people they can be. If I can capture children’s imaginations and entertain them, then the underlying positive character message will come through in each of my books.”

Social Media Links
Facebook fan page



Wanda Luthman’s Books

The Lilac Princess is a modern fairy tale of a young Princess with too much responsibility and not enough freedom. She is an only child to an elderly King and Queen of a Kingdom in turmoil. Upon her rests the responsibility to rescue her Kingdom one day. But for now, she is held within the castle for her safety. She longs to go outside, just for a moment, to smell the sweet lilacs growing in the meadow. Come along on her exciting adventure when she dares to escape the castle walls and meets a cursed dragon. Little does she know that while the dragon has one plan, her sweet spirit will unravel it. The Lilac Princess will capture your imagination and your heart as it joins adventure with life lessons for the young and old about the merits of responsibility, forgiveness, and standing up for what you believe.

Quotes from The Lilac Princess reviews
“I recommend this very sweet, fun read to anyone who enjoys action, adventure, and dragons.”
“The story line is incredible!”
“The Lilac Princess isn’t a good princess story it’s a great princess story.”

A Turtle’s Magical Adventure which is a charming, heart-warming story of a turtle who doesn’t like his shell because it makes him too slow. Tad asks other slow animals if they also mind being slow. Each one gives an answer that helps Tad feel better, but, still he wants to be fast. He happens upon a snake who tells him there is a wizard that can make him fast. He goes on an adventure into The Magical Timberwood Forest to meet the wizard and hopefully get his wish fulfilled. He encounters delightful, magical creatures along the way but also meets with danger and choices. Will Tad get his wish or will the wizard turn him into turtle soup?
Quotes from A Turtle’s Magical Adventure reviews
“This is such a cute and lovable story. Perfect bedtime reading to the little ones.”
“This is an excellent children’s book full of life lessons.”
“This is a captivating story about Tad, a turtle; who has a perplexing problem to solve.”

Little Birdie Grows Up s a delightful rhyming picture book with charming illustrations about a little blue bird who pecks his way out of his shell and into the hearts of parents and children. He meets his Mama and yearns to fly up in the sky. His Mama reassures him that one day he will be able to accomplish his dream. His first attempt is mostly falling. But, when he finally does learn how to fly, well, it’s time to say good-bye. Come along on the journey of Little Birdie Grows Up.

Quotes from Little Birdie Grows Up reviews
“Wanda Luthman does a very good job with this book. Lots of colorful pictures. Lots of rhyming that small children could quickly learn. Highly recommend this book for children ages one to five.”
“Although “Little Birdie grows up” is written for very young children, who cannot fail to be immediately and deeply attracted to Bryce Westervelt’s vivid pictorial narrative, it is a book which most likely will also engage genuine adult interest.”
“This was the first picture rhyming book I have read and the first time a book has made me cry – but a good cry. Little Birdie Grows up is such a beautiful story.”

Gloria and the Unicorn is a story that will delight you as well as pull on your heart strings as Gloria struggles with her facial disfigurement and wanting to fit in. Gloria’s mother died at birth and her father gave her to Miss Libby, the owner of a children’s home. Miss Libby loves the little girl and feels protective of her. But, it’s not until Sir Louie, the unicorn, shows up that Gloria starts to believe in herself. She has a conflict at school and never wants to go back and then she finds herself in an even worse situation; she encounters the evil Wizards of Malcadore who want to kill her. She must decide if she will face her fear of certain death to save her friend, Sir Louie, or lose him forever. Come along on Gloria’s marvelous journey with Sir Louie.
Quotes from reviews
“this tale by Guidance Counselor, Wanda Luthman, is the charming ‘feel-good’ pill that can trigger discussion that parents, educators, and children will enjoy.”
“Issue books like this are crucial to helping children and parents cope with these times. The messages are important, and Ms Luthman makes them very accessible to the young reader in a gentle story.”
“This was such a cute story!!… This book sends a great message to children!”
“This was such a great book to read with my grandson. It truly has a very meaningful story and a great lesson in love. I recommend this book for all young children and I assure you the adults will love it too!”

Franky the Finicky Flamingo is a children’s rhyming picture book that tells the story of a handsome flamingo named Franky who is a picky eater. He tries foods that other birds enjoy but none taste good to him. Then, an awful thing happens. His beloved shade of pink begins to fade. Will Franky figure out that the food he likes best is also the food that keeps his bright color? Will Franky’s finickiness finally be solved?
Quotes from reviews
“Oh, this is beyond cute!! I love the amazing illustrations.!!”
“I believe this has all the makings of a classic children’s book on a par with “The Pokey Little Puppy.”
“I highly recommend this book to anyone with little ones!!!”
“My grandson insists we read it every time he comes to visit.”
“Fun book to introduce new foods and trying different foods.”
“I highly recommended this book to all parents and grandparents.”
“This was such a great book, colorful and with a great message.”
“This book has such colorful pictures that it made the children want to turn the page. They laughed and felt bad for the flamingo when he got hungry and his color was fading.”
“The story was easy to follow for the children and it has become one of their favorites to read every day.”
“I highly recommend reading this book to your children, I know they will enjoy it as much as ours did.”
“I’ve found my nieces getting my kindle just so they can look at the book again and again.”
“Great book for the kiddos.”
“I like that the author tried to get kids to understand that not everybody likes the same thing. My son was so happy that that he got to eat pink food it blew his mind!”
“My son loved it.”

Where to find Wanda Luthman’s Books
Short world links

Links to Book Trailers
The Lilac Princess

A Turtle’s Magical Adventure

LittleBirdie Grows Up

Gloria and the Unicorn

Franky the Finicky Flamingo

Links to Interviews

Contact Information

In Stores
Annie’s Toy Chest
526 Brevard Avenue
Cocoa, FL 32922
(321) 632-5890

Mahogany Reads
787 Center Avenue, Suite F
Holly Hill, FL 32117
(786) 991-8191

Book Teas Indie Book Source
907 A Gamble Street
Tallahassee, FL 32310
(850) 765-4929

Pipe & Thimble Publishing and Bookstore
24830 Narbonne Ave.
Lomita, CA 90717

The Shoppes on Strawbridge
815 E. Strawbridge Ave.
Melbourne, FL 32901
(321) 914-3227

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