Announcement From Mosen Consulting

It’s almost that time of year where much of New Zealand closes down for a long summer break. Before I detail our closing dates for the summer, an important reminder about another holiday tradition.
As is customary at this time of year, Mushroom FM is making a list with your help, and checking it twice thanks to a computer algorithm, to arrive at the top 100 holiday hits. It’s a fun annual event, and we’d love to get your votes. You can simply scroll through the combo boxes to make your choices, or write in the names of the songs you like. It will only take a minute or two, and if you like, you can hear how your songs got on when we play the top 100 this Sunday.
Choose this link to vote, and do tell all your friends. But hurry, voting closes at midnight US Eastern time on Friday.
Mosen Consulting offices will be closed from 22 December to 22 January. During that time, we will be checking email infrequently, and will only be answering questions relating to issues obtaining items from the store. If you have questions about the best apps to read our material, we suggest consulting an email list or Facebook group for the platform in questions, such as Windows, iOS, Android.
All inquiries pertaining to our other services, such as website design, app accessibility consultancy etc, will be responded to after 22 January.
Bonnie and I wish you a safe and restful festive season, and thank you so much for making this another incredible year.

Jonathan Mosen
Mosen Consulting
Blindness technology eBooks, audiobooks and training

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