Smashwords Smart Author Podcast Announcement

Smashwords Author/Publisher Alert: Introducing the Smart Author Podcast!
1. Smashwords launches Smart Author Podcast
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Heads up. This Friday October 27 we’re kicking off the Smart Author Podcast!
Hosted by Mark Coker, The Smart Author Podcast guides writers step-by-step from the very basics of ebook publishing to more advanced topics. It’s a free masterclass in ebook publishing best practices.
Whether you’re new to publishing or you’re already a New York Times bestseller, the Smart Author Podcast will help you reach more readers. You’ll learn practical, no-nonsense advice on how to make your books more discoverable and more desirable to readers.
Listen to the trailer now at Smashwords
These first four episodes launch this Friday:
• 1. 7 Trends Shaping the Future of Authorship
• 2. Introduction to Ebook Publishing
• 3. Bestseller Secrets
• 4. How to Sell More Ebooks with Preorders
And then these episodes release each week through November:
• 5. 11/3 – Working with Beta Readers
• 6. 11/10 – Marketing to Libraries
• 7. 11/17 – Smashwords Survey 2017
• 8. 11/24 – The Art of Delusion (How to keep writing despite inevitable challenges)
More episodes are planned for December.
Join the Smart Author Launch Team!
If you’d like to help us promote the launch of the Smart Author Podcast, consider joining our Launch Team. You’ll gain exclusive early access to each of the first eight episodes, and you’ll participate in weekly promotions starting this Friday and continuing through November 24. Launch Team members who participate throughout the four-week promotion will receive a super-cool commemorative Smashwords thumb drive containing the first eight episodes. You’ll also receive an acknowledgement and link to your pen name’s Smashwords author page in Mark’s November 24 blog post where he’ll thank Launch Team participants. Thank you in advance for considering joining us for this important project!
Click here to apply – enrollment ends soon
Subscribe now at:
• Apple Podcasts:
• Google Play:
• SoundCloud:
• TuneIn:
Or, you can always listen online at
Podcast Links
Following the release of each episode, we’ll post supplemental links and resources along with edited transcripts at our Smart Author hub page at Smashwords.
You can read the announcement of the podcast at the Smashwords Blog.
Join us at Facebook at the official Smart Author Facebook Page where you can discuss each episode with fellow listeners, or to pose questions following each episode.
In the meantime, please take a moment to subscribe at your favorite podcast service so you don’t miss any episodes!
• How to publish and distribute ebooks with Smashwords
• Frequently asked questions
• Smashwords Site Updates
• Smashwords blog (subscribe today via the email option!)
• How to Publish ebooks (4-part presentation)
• Smart Author Podcast
• Smashwords Video Workshops
• Create a Smashwords Interview (self-interviews)
• Smashwords Series Manager (Manage series metadata)
• Smashwords Coupon Manager (Create custom coupon codes)
• Connect with fellow Smashwords readers and authors at Facebook
• Mark’s List – Low cost cover designers and ebook formatters
Thanks for choosing Smashwords for your ebook publishing and distribution.
When you distribute with Smashwords, you’re directly supporting our ability to create exciting new tools and opportunities for you.
If you know a friend who’d benefit from the Smart Author Podcast, please forward this email along to them.
The Smashwords Team

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