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when the sun doesn’t speak

Powerful! Source: when the sun doesn’t speak

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The PBS Blog on Amazon

Source: The PBS Blog on Amazon

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Inner Child Healing helps prepare for real Soul Retrieval Work

This is well worth the read. Source: Inner Child Healing helps prepare for real Soul Retrieval Work

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Creations of the Flask

have tons of ideas in my head. They come to me at night. At night, while in my bed. They’re in my dreams. In all things it seems, and even at times, they’re given wings. No more shall this be. … Continue reading

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Saturn Day Says, and Ice Cream

Well, CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! Here we are on Saturn’s Day afternoon, just after 12 Noon.   I still don’t know if I’ve gotten rid of the ‘ ‘ @ and all the other nonsensical junky things showing up in my posts. Don’t … Continue reading

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Black Tourmaline For Psychic Protection

I’m currently gathering new stones, figurines, etc. I am using the Imformation I’m learning here, in my choosing process. Source: Black Tourmaline For Psychic Protection

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Breast Cancer Healing Stones and Crystals

Too important not to share! Source: Breast Cancer Healing Stones and Crystals

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