Branding Statements for Authors

Here’s my try at it.

Patty L. Fletcher, is an author who, writes true to life, thus bringing you, into her moments.

Source: Branding Statements for Authors

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6 Responses to Branding Statements for Authors

  1. pujakins says:

    Well said, do drop the commas. My attempt: Tasha Halpert is an opti-mystic, specializing in at native perspectives.

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  2. pujakins says:

    You are so right on! And I’m no exper with commas however I do know that less is best.


    • Patty says:

      Since this conversation started, I’ve put this question to several different groups, and have gotten three different answers.

      The one I liked best, and most likely will use is the reading out loud test.

      A comma where you wish to take a breath.


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