Moonday Musings

Rain, then sun, each come, before day is done.

Steam rises from the ground. Clouds, dirt-devils, swirl, round.

Dog digs, in the yard. Says to me, he’s really bored. Wishing for work again, harness used to be our friend.

Making plans, for the next day. Nurse says, I can go and play.

Altrusa meeting at Food City, on Tuesday, seems so very far away.

Waiting…Waiting…Waiting, again. Waiting, for Physical Therapy, and others to come again.

Recovered, just enough, so, that being home, and bored, is really rough.

Bubba’s not the only, one, what’s bored.

I’m about to go out of my gored. LOL!

Not a poet, and if yall read his you’ll for sure know it.

Just wasting away the day, waiting, for Tuesday…

Bored, but well, are we, in the Campbell Kingdom!

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