Quick note

Just to let everyone know, Campbell and I are doing better and better each day. I have some posts that I am sending to Claire to have her blog, some of them are from days gone by. I hope you will read them as they come out, and catch up on where we are and how we are doing.

I have some book reviews, I have some descriptions of what the first couple of days have been like, and more. I thank all of you, for continuing to follow. I hope, you are also enjoying that which I blog from others.

Please, feel free to share all that you say. They exposure would be much appreciated.

Please note, this post has been dictated. I am waiting on the nurse. She, should be along soon.

Everyone have a fabulous day.

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One Response to Quick note

  1. Patty says:

    Time is still wrong on this blog. Anyone know how to fix?


    Nurse has not come yet.

    May have missed her, else she’s late.


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