A Fantasy Tip From History: Doo-Dooing The King

While I do not believe I’d like to have someone in bathroom with me to wipe my…! I do wish I had an assistant who could, help match all my clothes, fix my hair in braids, or some other style my fingers will no longer do, and help with things, that a regular house-keeper doesn’t do.

When I finally publish a book that hits the Million Dollar bestseller’s list, I’m gonna hire such. 🙂

Yes, I said when!

Thanks for posting this, and allowing it to be reblogged.

Source: A Fantasy Tip From History: Doo-Dooing The King

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2 Responses to A Fantasy Tip From History: Doo-Dooing The King

  1. Lol – I hope you’ll have your all-purpose buttler in no time, then. Many thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Patty says:

      I’m a big believer in manifestation. I will_ have her, and it will be fabulous.

      I want it to be someone I can talk with. Share things with. Bounce writing ideas off of, and trust.

      One of the pleasures I’ve had while being so sick has been that type of thing. I have a couple CNAS who I can chat with. They match my clothing, help with hair, and other things.

      Attached to the skilled care facility here, is a residential living facility, and they provide assistance, without removing independence. If I could afford it, I’d take one of their one-bed-room apartments. I’d love to have one of their little villa homes, but I’ll not be too greedy, just would like to have the kinds of help that are provided here.

      I could live so much easier. I’m not that old, but the sickness I’ve suffered over these last few months has changed my need, and having to work so hard at just existing, is taking away from my ability to go out and have fun. To live.

      The winters are brutal for me now, and I’m worrying now, about going home. I’m glad it is summer and not winter, but the doctor’s cautioning me about doing the types of things I once did. AWW but one day I shall manifest it all!

      Maybe I’ll write a fantasy fiction book about such, and that will help to make it so.

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