Who is SHE? – Claire Plaisted

All’s I got to say is WOW! and WOW! If you all don’t click this source link, and read this most powerful author interview, and investigate Miss Claire, you’re going to be by-passing a find! I mean! WOW!

I always knew she was special. I always knew as an author, and friend, she was fine! But this? I never knew all these wonderful things about her! How awesome! to wake to such a gift!!!

Blessid Be Claire!

PS. her mention of me was a wonderful nugget, but it is not what makes her interview special. Oh! Claire, how you do shine!

Polish yourself with speaking of you this way often!

You Rock!

Source: Who is SHE? – Claire Plaisted

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2 Responses to Who is SHE? – Claire Plaisted

  1. goodthaimom says:

    Dear Patty,

    I really enjoyed reading about Claire. It’s great to know who is behind that name. I felt sad when she said she has a stone wall up. I used to have one too, but I have been able to tear it down. Oh, what freedom that has given me. I hope Claire will one day know the blessing of tearing her wall down. Penny Fleckenstein

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    • Patty says:

      Penny! YAY! I’ve missed you! Was just wondering about this morning! Have missed receiving your posts, and thanks for reading and commenting on this one! When I posted it, I wondered if you’d like it! So way glad to hear from you!

      Claire is most awesome. She, like most of us, doesn’t think so, but I couldn’t do without her. She’s taught me so much, helped me grow and change, and find a lost part of me I thought was gone forever!

      Thanks again for writing, and keep in touch!


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