GDUI Convention News:Eavesdropping on the “Nyla-Phone” Conference Call …

Eavesdropping on the “Nyla-Phone” Conference Call … “Great German Shepherds and Holy Retrievers, Hoppie, it’s that time again!  My mom got the call a few minutes ago.  The wonderful, fantastic, fun-filled, action-packed annual GDUI convention will be held at the Nugget Hotel and Casino in Sparks, Nevada from July 2nd until July 5 and we are definitely going!”
“Hold on there just a dog-bitten minute, Alexa!  I’m having a hard time hearing you on this confounded smart phone!  It was all I could do to paw in the correct numbers for this conference call.  Give me a moment to switch from my dialing foot to my ears!”
“Oh, Giggles, you’re so funny!  Just so you’ll know, there are several others on this special Canine-line with us.  There’s Angus, Cocoa, Kyle, Buster, Max, Duchess, Wagner, and, oh yes, that handsome, furry faced Jessie on this call!  We are all so excited because we’re all going to the 2017 GDUI convention and this year it’s finally going to be all about US!”
“Well, it’s about time!  Do you mean we are going to enjoy those delicious smelling culinary delights our moms and dads get at the banquet or luncheon or whatever that delicious-smelling meal is called?  After all, we’re the ones who do all the work.  It’s only right we reap some of the fruits of our labor.”
“Now, Jessie, you know people food will make us sick!  Besides, we’re going to get to guide our handlers throughout that busy Reno airport and throughout the Nugget Casino and Hotel.  We’ll get to hang out together in the GDUI suite and hear those wonderful puppy raisers tell about their experiences with those pups they loved, nurtured, socialized and trained so they could go on to guide dog school and learn to safely lead another  blind person. I just love hearing their puppy tails!  In fact, I love puppy raisers!”
“Don’t forget, Giggles, there’s going to be a live auction, the ACB-GDUI  walk; a special “pupple” game night; a mock-trial with participants serving as jurors; the annual Breakfast Club to Rose’s Cafe; Carla Campbell’s famous canine massages; updates from the guide dog schools and lots and lots more!:
“I overheard my mom tell someone that Miss Margarine Beaman and her wonderful volunteers are going to meet us at the airport to make things easier for us and that Rose’s Café is actually inside the hotel to minimize our paws exposure to the hot pavement!”
“Yeah, and don’t forget those great toys, yummy treats and Miss
Carla’s magical massaging fingers!   I remember Bubba Zack telling me
how she relaxed him right to sleep in less than 60 seconds at a previous GDUI convention.”
“There’s also going to be a special raffle prize this year.  Miss Hava once again generously donated a hand-crafted, harness-clad, stuffed golden retriever that would enhance anyone’s doggy décor. Miss Hava does a great job on those miniature mementos and those tickets are going fast.”
“Okay, then, gang.  It’s  settled.  We’ll all plan to guide our moms and dads to the annual GDUI convention in Sparks, Nevada for 4 days of fun, food, fellowship and furries!  Pack your dog bowls and shine up those harness handles!  We’ll meet in the GDUI Suite!  Hope to see YOU there, too!”
** Hotel Details
All rooms at the Nugget have refrigerators and safes. Room rates at the Nugget Casino Resort are $89 (single or double occupancy) with an additional $10 per person for up to four people per room. Room tax is currently 13.5%. There is also a $2 per day tourism tax added to each room.  When you book your reservation, one night’s stay will be charged to your credit card.
Included in the room rate is the hotel resort fee, which covers:
• Round-trip shuttle transportation to and from Reno-Tahoe International Airport • Complimentary wireless Internet in guest rooms; • Daily complimentary bottled water, 2 bottles per room per day; • Unlimited use of the year-round Atrium Pool; • Unlimited use of the Fitness Center; • Full-service concierge; and • Valet and self-parking in the secured covered parking structure.
To make reservations via telephone, call 1-800-648-1177 and ask for group code GACB17.
You may also make reservations online by visiting
The airport will be staffed by Margarine Beaman and volunteers. To assist airline personnel and Margarine and her volunteers please provide the following information: Your name, the name of the airline you will be arriving on, your departure city, arrival Flight number, arrival date and time, departure airline, departure date, departure time, and your cell phone number.
Send Margarine an e-mail with “airline information” in the subject line at or call her at 512.921.1625.

See you there!
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