Please read, by clicking the source link, but first…My commentary!#BLOGGER INTERVIEW – Christopher Graham, The Story Reading Ape

Source: #BLOGGER INTERVIEW – Christopher Graham, The Story Reading Ape

I want to comment on a couple things this blogger touched on here. First off, I am appreciative of those who read me. I mean really read me. There are a couple of you who have taken a true interest in the entire comcept of campbellsworld. There are some who have truly understood what it is I am doing here. The thing that really grabbed my attention about this blogger is what he says about the time he spends on his blog. I too spend allot of time with the good folks of campbellsworld. I like to search for articles that I think those visiting will enjoy. I like to broaden someone’s view of the world. It has however come to my attention of late from some who have commented on the heavy traffic of my blog that some folks don’t look passed the title of the blog posts I share. Because if they did they’d realize 1. the post isn’t what they assume, and 2. there truly is something in campbellsworld for everyone! I try to place a veeriety of topics on my blog. Book info, online magazines, herbal info, astrological info, and yes my original thoughts are among these topics as well. Someone asked me not long ago why there are so many different genresubject matters, and all represented here rather than just my own thoughts. I had to really stop and rest after reading that. I then realized what I’ve already written. That the questioner wasn’t reading passed the titles. Had they done so they’d have realized everything posted here is a part of me. It is who I am. It is connected to what I do, and how I do it.

Everything I read and share here is a reflection of my own thought. It in some way Vibrates with me, and influences what I write. So to you the CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITOR!!! I say thanks for being here, and please? Check out one thing that takes you from your Comfort Zone today!!! You’ll be amazed!!! After all…
“A mind once expanded cannot be returned to its normal dimension!”
Paraphrasing…!!! Thanks for reading!
May harmony find you, and blessed be.

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