Book Review. Unmentionable: the Victorian lady’s guide to sex, marriage, and manners DB86273

Hi all.  I just finished a totally funny book. It’s called “Unmentionable, the Victorian Lady’s Guide to Sex, Marriage and Manners.”

From NLS:

Unmentionable: the Victorian lady’s guide to sex, marriage, and manners DB86273

Oneill, Therese. Reading time: 7 hours, 14 minutes.
Read by Betsy Foldes Meiman.

Social Sciences

A humorous exploration of womanhood in the Victorian era, including issues related to hygiene, health, beauty, marriage, sex, and general personal care. Topics discussed include what to wear, where to relieve oneself, menstruation, how to be the perfect wife, and more. Unrated. Commercial audiobook. 2016.

On purpose this book is  written tongue in cheek, to give readers with a 2017 mind a taste of Victorian-era thinking on the subjects I mentioned.

The narrator, a new one to me is perfect for delivering ironic humor which fills almost every page.

 This is some of the zippiest reading this side of the “Police Gazette.”

I know it was for women but I just couldn’t resist comparing the rigidity of their era in everything they did to the wonderful casualness guys and girls can now treat each other with.

If I learned anything real, it is that the original maker of Kellog’s Corn Flakes was a quack doctor called John H. Kellog who had some ideas about women that would make the meanest man you can name  seem like a romantic by comparison. 

At least his famous cereal company survived and in fact flourished once Mr. Kellog the old woman-hater went snap crackle pop and began his new career pushing up daisies.

I hope you get as many laughs out of this book as I did, and thank God we live in 2017, not in the era of the Victorian or western novels we like to read.

You can’t read this book with a bowl of popcorn or a sack of candy since neither were invented in Victorian days but you could (and maybe should) have  a bottle of Jameson’s which did exist back then to cushion your shock at some of the revelations herein.



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2 Responses to Book Review. Unmentionable: the Victorian lady’s guide to sex, marriage, and manners DB86273

  1. bookdrblog says:

    Nice post. I read and reviewed this recently too! I wasn’t as keen on it as most people seem to be though!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Patty says:

      I haven’t read it myself. I just thought it a well written review, thought others might enjoy knowing of it and that I’d probably get round to reading it some day. Whenever I am done with my addiction to the Wheel of time series. Which I’ll be reviewing myself soon. I’ve posted some other reviews, you might want to take a look at. The one was a review on my own book, Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My life seen at
      🙂 thanks for reading my blog. 🙂
      Blessid be.


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